Call for Projects: Nocturne Art at Night 2022, Kjipuktuk / Halifax

Luminous Cloud, Passage Studio, 2019. Photo: Kylee Nunn Photo.

Call for Projects: Nocturne Art at Night 2022
Kjipuktuk (Halifax, NS)
LEGACIES curated by Stephanie Yee & Lux Habrich

Deadline to apply: May 1, 2022 @ 11:59pm AT

Nocturne is an annual festival of public contemporary artworks. The event holds space for new experiences and communal exchange through the exhibition of temporary public art installations, performances, and screenings. Nocturne takes place in Kjipuktuk (Halifax, NS) from October 13-16, 2022. Nocturne welcomes proposals to our 15th annual art at night festival from artists at any stage of their career. We encourage proposals to respond to the curatorial vision, LEGACIES curated by Stephanie Yee & Lux Habrich.

Inertia, Drifted Collective, 2021. Photo: Kylee Nunn Photo.

What do we leave behind when our time in a space comes to a close? What have we inherited? What do we pass on to those who remain or have yet to come? Our legacies can span personal, collective, global and ecological realities. It can be planned and meticulously built up over decades or communicated unconsciously in a passing utterance. It could be documented in history books, passed along through spoken word, or live simply as a memory replayed in a loved one’s head.Navigating the stops and starts, the closings and reopenings, living through this pandemic has meant moving through multiple waves of uncertainty, loss and coping. The consistent thread throughout this rupture has been our need for imagination, creativity, and connection. It is through these modes that we find meaning in everyday moments to string together the stories that move us forward.

Ribbon Harness part of Invariable Ascension group exhibit curated by Kate Macdonald and Carmel Farahbakhsh, Brandon Hoax, 2021. Photo: Kylee Nunn Photo.

Coinciding with Nocturne’s 15th year anniversary, the theme of LEGACIES reflects on how artists have reimagined and activated our city over the years. Continuing in this spirit, we invite artists and the public alike to consider the lasting intergenerational and intercultural legacies that have and continue to shape the depths of their interior and exterior lives. Art can provide an immediate source of coping, but it also nurtures our ability to engage in a world with more comfort, dignity, ease and joy. And while the city’s transformation during the festival only exists for a limited time, it in itself will be a reminder that it is not permanence that makes a lasting impact – but instead, the space and time we take to gather, envision and create.

DEADLINE: May 1, 2022 @ 11:59pm AT

NEED HELP? Application assistance is available for anyone who faces disability-related barriers to completing an online application and/or Indigenous applicants facing language, geographic and/or cultural barriers within the online application process.

Liminal Archive, Isioma Mafiana and James Forren, 2021. Photo: Kylee Nunn Photo.

Lindsay Cory, Executive Director, Nocturne Art at Night