Call for Jury Members 2022: Public Art Selection Committee, City of Mississauga

Pine Sanctuary, Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY, 2017, entrance to Riverwood Park, Mississauga.

Call for City of Mississauga Art Selection Jury Members

Have your say on the City of Mississauga’s Public Art Program by participating in a public art jury! We are looking for artists, creative professionals, and Mississauga residents to join our roster of knowledgeable individuals that assist in the evaluation of public art projects and applications, on an as needed basis.

Public art juries are arms-length committees that advise and recommend artist proposals for commission, based on their informed and independent consideration of relevant factors. Juries help maintain transparency, integrity, and professionalism in the selection of artworks.

We are committed to public art juries that are reflective of the diversity of Mississauga’s population. This includes having representation from people of different ages, backgrounds, identities, and abilities. Public art jury members can include arts and design professionals (such as practicing artists, curators, art critics, architects, and landscape architects), specific topic experts, individuals with lived experience, and local representation.

Everyone deserves access to public art that reflects their history, society, and place. Diverse and representative juries help the City to combat the systems of power that grant privilege and access unequally.

Mississauga Made, Pranavi Suthagar, 2020, on display in City Centre area, Mississauga.

We are looking for jury members with a range of expertise and experience, including:

  • Arts and design professionals, knowledgeable in the field of public art and/or contemporary art (i.e. artists, architects, curators, etc.)
  • Community members with knowledge and insight into the social and cultural climate of Mississauga, and local awareness of the community (i.e. local volunteers, board advisors, grassroots or non-profit community organizers, youth group members etc.)
  • Subject matter experts (i.e. accessibility, Indigenous Knowledge, environmental advocacy, historical knowledge, etc.)
  • Individuals with lived experience (i.e. direct involvement in an issue or informal training, etc.) and individuals from equity-deserving groups, recognizing gender, race, sexual orientation, status, age and abilities.

Contemplating Child, Ferruccio Sardella, 2014, Community Common Park, Mississauga.

This is a paid opportunity. Individuals selected for a public art jury are provided with a fee in accordance with CARFAC’s Professional Jury Rate.

Find more information about this opportunity and how to apply here.

Submissions will be accepted until July 15, 2022 at 11:59 pm EDT.

Apply now!

For more information or for help with your application, contact Philippa French, Public Art Curator via email at or phone at 416-457-8510

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