Art Gallery of Guelph Winter 2021 Exhibitions


On Tuesday, January 26, the Art Gallery of Guelph (AGG) launches a new season of exhibitions that speaks to the potential of artistic practice to restructure both perception and power. The AGG is grateful for the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and Canadian Heritage. Please consult our COVID-19 protocols before your visit. read more >

Catherine Blackburn: New Age Warriors
January 14 – April 11, 2021

A celebration of women’s strength and resilience, Dene artist Catherine Blackburn adapts traditional beadwork to create regalia that offers a protective armour for Indigenous women as they challenge colonialism, racism, and discrimination. An amalgam of elements of female clothing drawn from different North American nations, the garments and medallions honour the diversity and ingenuity of traditional Indigenous design, opening “conversations about Indigenous innovation, ways to live on the land in the 21st century, and how love serves as a mighty force” (Carmen Robertson). read more >

New Age Warriors is curated by Jesse Campbell, organized by Mann Art Gallery, and circulated by Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina Public Library.


Decolonize This Place
January 21 – April 25, 2021

Focusing on essential ephemera such as banners, posters, and zines, WHEN WE BREATHE WE BREATHE TOGETHER highlights iconic materials deployed in the direct actions, demonstrations, and interventions staged by the group Decolonize This Place. Drawing a through line between issues such as Indigenous sovereignty, Palestinian self-determination, gentrification, police brutality, anti-Black racism, and the colonial history of gallery and museum exhibition and collection practices, the group underscores the connections between site, displacement, and systemic oppression. Insisting on the synchrony between localized and global resistance movements, Decolonize This Place erases the division between art and activism while advocating for an ethos of abolition that is rooted in pedagogy, love, and collaboration, and aimed at transformative change and liberation. read more >

WHEN WE BREATHE WE BREATHE TOGETHER is curated by Sally Frater and organized by the Art Gallery of Guelph.


The Disappearing Sky
January 21 – April 25, 2021

The Disappearing Sky features the work of Saskatchewan-based artist Zachari Logan and Baker Lake artist Ruth Qaulluaryuk. Sharing a distinct visual language of flora and foliage, Ruth Qaulluaryuk’s embroidered textiles and drawings capture patterns of floral and plant design associated with the tundra groundcover of northern environments, while Zachari Logan’s large-scale works on paper verge on tapestries, addressing the implicit and intimate link between land and body in his exploration of the intersection of queer identity, memory, and place. read more >

The Disappearing Sky is curated by Shauna McCabe and organized by the Art Gallery of Guelph.

Image details: Catherine Blackburn, The Waterhen Weaver, 2018, inkjet on Dibond, 60 × 91 in.; A diagram by Decolonize This Place derived from an article by Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang (“Decolonization is not a Metaphor,” 2012), 2019; Zachari Logan, Esta Selva Selvaggia, No. 3, 2020, pastel on black paper, 47 x 120 in.


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