Yaw Tony: Black Palette – COLour Odyssey (Collection of Ourselves)

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Broken Cage Gallery, Toronto

Black Palette – COLour Odyssey (Collection of Ourselves) is an exhibition that consists of two separate but conjoined oeuvre: a physical art exhibition and a hardcover Artbook, 30.48 x 30.48 cm, 352 pages of illustration and epigrams/veracity, plus a reference book.

All colours mixed together result in black. The removal of black reveals all colours. Therefore, black is the source of the purpose, the potential of all the colours and their pulchritude. The “black” symbolizes the NEEDS in life. The need for questions of life to be answered, the need for self-discovery, the need to understand what love really is and isn’t, etc. Relationships are the key to life. Everything was created (or exists) to relate to something else. “All relationships are based on needs. Everything was created and exists to function by specific predetermined principles. Needs are inherent in a product. These principles of function are called NEEDS. A need is a requirement necessary for effective function. When needs are neglected relationships are broken. Therefore, failure in life is not a mistake but a result, success in life is not luck but a result. Read more & view the work.

Every human being on earth can relate to this conclusion only if we can understand the nature and power of needs. There are 7.9 billion people on planet earth right now and “there are five questions that source our meaning of life and purpose. All human beings are struggling to answer these five key questions deep-seated in our hearts. In an unequivocal sense, these five questions motivate every human being and our being here, it doesn’t matter your ethnic background, socioeconomic conditions, propaedeutic background, perception or even where they live. These five questions control why we love and why we hate one other, our fulfilment in life, our merriment, our self-discovery and self-love. These five questions control our economic indicators, and they control our sense of culture (they control the fashion industry, which we eat, drink, and the music and movies we indulge in.). They control our vocations. These five questions are the source of all the crime in our cities, all the corruption in government sectors, all corruption in the pulpit in religious sectors, the reasons why people get divorced, the reasons why people choose to end their lives, why people get addicted to drugs, they are the source of all our youth and our adult problems. These five questions are so powerful that they control the entire world, and they control everything we do and the way we act. They motivate our behaviour, and this exhibition is designed to answer these five questions.”

Who am I? This is a question of identity. The average person doesn’t know who they are.

Where am I from? This question has nothing to do with ethnicity, yet you must know where you came from.

Why am I here? This question is of purpose and if you don’t answer it your life will become aimless, useless, and busy without fulfilment. Humans are quietly struggling with this question.

What can I do? This is a question of potential. One cannot ever know their full potential without the knowledge of purpose (self-discovery). What can you really do?

Where am I going? This is a question of destination, of finality. Everything irrevocably will come to an end. Where are you going with your life?

Black Palette – COLour Odyssey – (Collection of ourselves) will display 40 new, original pieces, each influenced by serpentine imagistic narratives that critique the history of humankind, colonialism and how foreign ideology has affected many people, who are still grappling with their identity and their sense of self-worth. An opus of the composition of the parables and allegories that make sporadically aculeate, sporadically sidelong allusions to everything from cultural value, imperialism, politics, and ideologies into an artistic opus, a conversation that can be carried alongside one.

Artbook – Signed edition of 500
Black Palette – COLour Odyssey (Collection of ourselves) | ARTBook Vol. I

Exhibition & Closing Reception
The exhibition is now showing and its closing party is on October 6th, 2022 at Broken Cage Gallery in the Graffiti Alley neighbourhood right in the heart of Downtown Toronto. Reserve tickets and a private tour with the artist here.

Broken Cage Gallery
548 Richmond St West
Toronto, ON M5V 1Y4

Yaw Tony