Yaryna Yuryk: Gratitude/Miracle of Life

Yaryna Yuryk, Soul of the Universe – 2024 from the series Blue birds, acrylic on canvas, 40” x 30”, 2024

Yaryna Yuryk: Gratitude/Miracle of Life

Solo painting exhibition

July 3 – 13, 2024
Artist in Attendance: Daily, 1 – 3pm
Ruth Upjohn Gallery, Women’s Art Association of Canada, Toronto

Gratitude/Miracle of Life is a solo painting exhibition by Yaryna Yuryk, Honored Artist of Ukraine. This exhibition is inspired by the energy of the universal law of gratitude and serves as a tribute to Canada Day, celebrating the spirit of thankfulness and the power of art to heal and uplift.

Yaryna Yuryk believes that art is a positive-energy system that has the potential to heal and uplift the human spirit. Through her ethereal and sonorous strokes on canvas and paper, she captures elusive, amorphous moments that invite viewers to reflect on self-healing and the beauty of life. Yaryna’s art is a call to expand awareness, emphasizing that human life is short and it is essential to create moments of beauty within life’s flow, infused with gratitude and love.

Yaryna Yuryk, Wisdom, acrylic on canvas, 36” x 36”, 2023

Yaryna’s works are characterized by their abstract style, rich in symbolic colors and themes that delve into the human condition. Her paintings often feature Ukrainian symbols and motifs, reflecting her cultural heritage and the historical depth of her identity. These symbols are reinterpreted through an abstract lens, creating a visual language that speaks to the complexities of life, death, and the constant interplay between good and evil.

The exhibition will feature a series of paintings that capture the essence of Yaryna’s artistic philosophy. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in her world, experiencing the healing power of art and the profound messages embedded in each piece. The exhibition aims to provide a space for reflection and self-healing, encouraging visitors to appreciate the transient nature of life and the beauty that can be found in every moment.

Engage with the Artist

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the chance to meet Yaryna Yuryk in person. Scheduled meet-and-greet sessions will allow visitors to interact with the artist, gain insights into her creative process, and understand the deeper meanings behind her works. These sessions will be held from 1 – 3pm.

Yaryna Yuryk was recommended as a must-see artist at Art Expo New York 2023. According to a publication in Authority Magazine: “As a part of our series about ‘5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Became An Artist’…”

The History of Art recognizes Yaryna as the founder of the modern cordocentric worldview of watercolor painting in Ukraine. She is not new to cultural diplomacy or presenting Ukraine’s rich cultural heritage to the world. Yaryna has mastered her unique art style, penetrating deep existential layers of Ukrainian identity. She now introduces a cordocentric ideology in contemporary watercolor painting in Ukraine, connecting global cultural processes through her work.

Selection committees have chosen her works for exhibits in many countries worldwide. For the first time in Ukrainian history, her works were selected by the jury of the Design and Watercolor Salon (2017–2018), leading to exhibitions at the Grand Palais National Museum in Paris and the Autumn Salon of Latin America (2016) in São Paulo, Brazil. Yaryna has also exhibited at the largest art exhibition in the world, Art Expo New York, and during Miami Art Week, among others.

Yaryna Yuryk with her painting Miracle of life, watercolor on paper, 30” x 40”, 2018

Her personal exhibitions have been held in prestigious venues such as the National Museum of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko National Museum in Kyiv, and Lviv National Art Gallery, among other galleries.

Her journey as an artist is marked by numerous accolades and honors, including the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine.

Having recently moved to Canada, Yaryna continues to explore new themes and ideas in her work. Her recent pieces reflect her experiences in a new country, blending her Ukrainian roots with the diverse cultural landscape of Canada. This fusion of influences creates a rich tapestry of themes that resonate with a wide audience, making her work both unique and universally appealing.

Yaryna’s exploration of topics such as diversity, memory, war, and art therapy adds depth to her artistic practice. She uses her art as a medium to address contemporary issues, offering viewers a space to contemplate and engage with these critical themes. Her work is a reflection of her journey, her struggles, and her hopes for a better future for all.

This exhibition not only showcases Yaryna’s painting but also serves as a platform for cultural exchange and understanding. Her works resonate with universal themes, making them relevant to a global audience. Through her paintings, Yaryna Yuryk invites us to reflect on the fleeting nature of life, the importance of gratitude, and the transformative power of art.

Women’s Art Association of Canada

The Women’s Art Association of Canada (WAAC), founded in 1887, is presenting Dr. Yaryna Yuryk’s exhibition at the Ruth Upjohn Gallery in Toronto’s historic Yorkville neighborhood.

Ruth Upjohn Gallery
23 Prince Arthur Avenue
Toronto, ON M5R 1B2
Tuesday – Saturday, 11 – 5pm

For more information about the artist:
Instagram: @yarynayuryk
LinkedIn: yaryna-yuryk