Winter 2024 Exhibitions at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery

The RMG is pleased to present six new exhibitions this season

Raechel Wastesicoot, grandma’s house, mixed media: beads (new and vintage), felt, leather, chain, 2023. Courtesy of the artist.

Raechel Wastesicoot: Kenatentas

January 27, 2024 – June 9, 2024
Curated by Erin Szikora

Raechel Wastesicoot is a mixed Kanien’kehá:ka beadworker born and raised in Oshawa and currently based in Toronto. In her debut exhibition, Kenatentas, Wastesicoot has created twelve beaded artworks in response to paintings and drawings from the RMG’s Permanent Collection. Working with upcycled, vintage, and harvested materials, her pieces are personal reflections on family and community, inspired by the rich colours and abstractions of Ontario’s abstract collective Painters Eleven.

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This exhibition is presented with support from the Government of Ontario through the Tourism Relief Fund.

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Curatorial Tour: Raechel Wastesicoot: Kenatentas + World-builders, shapeshifters
February 8, 2024
7 – 7:45pm

Artist Round Table: World-builders, shapeshifters and Kenatentas
March 17, 2024
2 – 3:30pm

Installation of The Neighbours Project at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, 2023. Photo by Toni Hafkenscheid.

The Neighbours Project

December 9, 2023 – February 18, 2024
Curated by Hannah Keating and Erin Szikora

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery believes we have a responsibility to participate in the creation and maintenance of a healthy community. For over a year, we have been working with community members and partners on an initiative called The Neighbours Project. The goal was to explore how we could extend care to some of our closest neighbours who have experience with housing precarity or homelessness, including those working to reduce barriers to services and offer direct support.

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We want to express sincere gratitude to our partners and collaborators for their support: The Back Door Mission, The Gap Committee, The LivingRoom Community Art Studio, April Hind, and Selena Hind.

Kendra Yee, Alignment, mixed clay bodies, slip engravings. 2019.

Kendra Yee: RBC Emerging Artist in Residence Exhibition

February 27, 2024 – April 21, 2024
Curated by Hannah Keating

During her artist residency at the RMG, Kendra Yee put out a call for collaboration, inviting her friends, supporters, and RMG community members of all ages to share a personal memory with her in the medium of their choice. In the studio, Yee spent time with each memory – observing how she felt, what she saw, what she read – before imprinting roughly 100 clay tiles with gestures inspired by the specific event or mood of the submission. Caring for these offerings with her labour, Yee has created an installation that honours the exchange of personal stories as a sacred act of trust and connection.

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This program is supported by the RBC Foundation’s RBC Emerging Artist Project.

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Opening + Artist Talk
March 3, 2024
1 – 4pm (artist talk at 2pm)

Painters Eleven: The Greenberg Effect

March 9, 2024 – August 25, 2024
Curated by Sonya Jones

Clement Greenberg was an influential American art critic who helped define twentieth century art. At the peak of his career in the 1940s and 1950s, Greenberg helped establish abstract expressionism as the popular art form, making Jackson Pollock a household name. Members of the Ontario abstract collective, Painters Eleven, wanted to invite Greenberg to Toronto to evaluate their work. This exhibition pulls together artworks produced after this visit and considers the effect, if any, the American critic had on their individual art practice.

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Oshawa: 100 Years

January 13, 2024 – January 12, 2025
Curated by Heather Riley and Sonya Jones

This year marks one hundred years since Oshawa was incorporated as a city. With a population of 16,000 in its inaugural year as a city, today more than 172,000 people call Oshawa home. Through historical photographs from the Thomas Bouckley Collection, this exhibition explores what life was like in Oshawa in 1924.

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Durham District School Board Bi-Annual Exhibition: For Art’s Sake

February 29, 2024 – March 17, 2024
Community Partnerships

The bi-annual For Art’s Sake exhibition celebrates the artistic talent of students in the Durham District School Board. Showcasing works from nearly every high school in the district, this event recognizes local budding young artists.

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Presented in partnership with the Durham District School Board.

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery is an accessible venue. To learn more or request accommodations, please visit our website.

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