What Remains at Art Gallery of Guelph

Exhibition Launch: Thursday, May 2, 2024 | 5:30 pm

Join us on Thursday, May 2 for the launch of the exhibition What Remains and related programs at Art Gallery of Guelph. Exploring migrant experiences, the exhibition integrates image, sound, video, and installation to highlight the inseparability of art and activism in the specific context of the U.S.-Mexico border that represents, at once, utopian possibility and violent subjugation for those who cross. Kicking off the ArtsEverywhere Festival organized and presented by Musagetes, the opening reception begins with the Big Ideas in Art + Culture lecture from 5:30 – 6:30 pm, featuring the El Paso-based collective responsible for What Remains: Dr. Adriana Alvarez, Monica Lozano, Iris Morales, and Mabel Weber. The conversation will be followed by the reception at 6:30 pm.

What Remains

May 2 – August 30, 2024

Curated by Sidd Joag

Born out of the fault line of El Paso, one of the safest cities in the United States, and Ciudad Juarez, one of the world’s most dangerous, What Remains attempts to impart texture and nuance to the migrant experience and that of citizens of the borderlands who bear witness to the brutality inflicted on their kinfolk. The project provides windows, peering into and out from an ongoing global humanitarian crisis, assembled into a multimedia (photography, illustration, music, video, installation) and multidisciplinary (artistic, academic, activist) experience.

Grounded in nearly two decades of Monica Lozano’s photographic documentation of the migrant passage in El Paso/Juarez, the works in this exhibition – illustrations by Mabel Weber, printed matter by Iris Morales, an interactive educational space curated by Dr. Adriana Alvarez, and an ongoing community-generated sculpture – draw varied forms of expression together to more viscerally capture the entirety of the experience. What Remains underscores the gravity of conditions that precipitate mass migration – from the act of making the perilous crossing, to the art of surviving what comes next. What Remains offers no solutions to the dire situation playing out on the Rio Grande, but rather points to the possibilities derived from bearing witness to the present, translating emotional data and applying this learning towards rehabilitative, integrative ways of supporting migrant communities and affecting public perception and policy.

What Remains is a labor of love, an invitation and a provocation, for us to collectively reassess the costs of extractive capitalism, acknowledge the migratory history of human beings and reaffirm basic values and rights of human existence.

What Remains is organized and presented by the Art Gallery of Guelph and Musagetes in partnership with the ArtsEverywhere Festival. The Art Gallery of Guelph is grateful for the support of the Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts.

Public Programs + ArtsEverywhere Festival @ AGG

What Remains: Braiding and Honouring Migration Dreams and Stories
Thursday, May 2 | 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Monica Lozano, Iris Morales, Mabel Weber and Adriana Alvarez will share how the project What Remains came to be and how each one contributed their discipline in the creation of the exhibition at the Art Gallery of Guelph. They will also discuss the intentions and purpose of the What Remains work for creating awareness and humanizing the migration journey through deeper understandings of the experience and moments of unity and solidarity. read more >

Listening in the Sound Field: The Text Scores of Pauline Oliveros
Sunday, May 5 | 8:30 – 9:30 am

Join us for a morning sound walk with artist Anne Bourne, listening and sounding for an experience of equanimity in the beauty of dissonance. This morning walk involves internal contemplation, created from within the surrounding sound field. For all voices. register here >

Sound, Vibration, and Wellbeing: A Critical Look at Sound Healing Practices
Sunday, May 5 | 10 am – 12 pm

A discussion of deep listening practices, vibration, wellbeing and cure through the resonance of sound from three different perspectives. Guests Anjeline de Dios (Manila, Philippines), Anne Bourne (Toronto, Ontario), and Rosary Spence (Toronto, Ontario) will discuss their practices in terms of how we define and create wellbeing, and how listening and sound offer connection to both human and nonhuman communities. The artists draw on their varied practices in deep listening, subtle perception, improvisation, chant, and Cree singing traditions.

Love-Labour-Listen | A Workshop on the Practice and Politics of Singing for Others
Sunday, May 5 | 1 – 3 pm

In this workshop, Anjeline de Dios draws from her research into, and practice of, singing for others to playfully investigate questions of cultural identity, emotion/affect, and service labour. The session will collectively explore and reflect on song as a medium of inner and inter-subjective awareness, and a spatial practice that traverses disparate contexts of experimental sound art, meditation, everyday entertainment, and intimate belonging. All ages and levels of musical ability are welcome. register here >

Image credits: Monica Lozano, La Trenza, 2023, digital photograph. Courtesy of the artist; Monica Lozano, The Promised Land (La Tierra Prometida), 2018, digital photograph. Courtesy of the artist.

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