Waddington’s Auction for Ukraine

Online Auction: April 9–14, 2022


Waddington’s in partnership with a generous community presents a benefit auction in support of Ukraine.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February, the staff at Waddington’s discussed the idea of a fundraising auction to help victims of the war. The community responded swiftly and generously. In a few short weeks we received over 100 donated artworks and decorative arts, as well as museum, gallery and publication memberships that will be included in our April 9-14 online auction.

The auction also attracted an extraordinary offer from a Ukrainian Paralympic champion, Oleksandr Devlysh, who is in Ukraine. After seeing a video about children who had lost their parents in the war, Devlysh decided he needed to do something.

“It was a strong trigger for me because I have a three-year old daughter. So, I thought about selling my medals.”

Devlysh sent out inquiries to several auction houses around the world about selling his medals to raise money for Ukraine. The International Olympic Committee connected him to the International Paralympic Committee, which advised him to contact Waddington’s in Canada because they had heard about the auction. A flurry of emails and Zoom calls later, Waddington’s developed a plan that would allow Devlysh to keep his medals—and through a partnership with Canadian-Ukrainian Olympic gold medalist, and member of the Canadian Olympic Athletes’ Commission, Lucas Makowsky—create a unique mentorship/engagement initiative. The program will be customized to meet the interests and aspirations of all involved and has the potential to create a foundation for a legacy program. We are thrilled to be part of this initiative.

100% of proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation.

We sincerely thank everyone for your support for this important fundraising initiative.

We are proud to introduce a few of the artists who have donated their artworks to this auction.


Wanda Koop was one of the first artists to respond to our call for consignments. “Ukraine is my family’s homeland. My mother lived on the Dnieper River. It is a beautiful and mighty river that has been an endless source of inspiration for me.” Koop is one of Canada’s most accomplished painters, creating large-scale paintings and mixed-media events that incorporate video, music and dance for over four decades. Her art is beautiful, monumental and mesmerizing.

Gary Taxali is a contemporary fine artist and illustrator known for his iconic retro style pop art and illustrations, creating mixed-media works on paper, sculptures, drawings and paintings. Taxali wrote: “The recent events in Ukraine are nothing short of an atrocity. Every day, genocide is being committed as the world watches helplessly. “Protect Ukraine” is meant as a call to action, in any way a person can. The beautiful souls of Ukraine are fighting tirelessly to defend their land, their culture, their history, their artifacts, and their people. My image conveys their power and resilience in the shadow of increasing terror by Putin. But we all need to do our part to send him the message that his invasion and acts of genocide will not go unanswered. It’s the greatest act of love we can show our sisters and brothers in Ukraine. We are all one.”

Husar’s identity, and by extension her art, is split between North America and Eastern Europe, drawing the curtain back on the nostalgic romanticism and harrowing realism of both places. ‘Study for Wounded Boy (Witness)’ was literally torn from her sketch book. It stems from her first visit to Ukraine after independence in 1992. “The country still felt metaphorically wounded and I was collecting images to express that collective state of being.” Sadly, it resonates tragically today, 30 years later, as Husar explains in an April 6 interview on the Kontakt Ukrainian Television Network.

Martin Russocki is a Polish-Canadian artist. “Poles and many other nations are doing what they can to support their Ukrainian neighbours. I wanted to do something as well. As President Volodymyr Zelenskyy faces the immense pressures and responsibilities of leading his country in war, he remains calm and resolute, determined to defend his people. He is an inspiration to his people and to the world.”


Auction Information
The auction will be offered online April 9-14, 2022.
View the online gallery and register to bid at Waddingtons.ca.

Preview the auction at Waddington’s, 275 King Street East, Toronto
Sunday, April 10 from 12 noon to 4 pm ET and Monday, April 11 from 1 pm to 7 pm ET.

Please note the special Terms & Conditions, including no buyer’s fee.

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