Waddington’s: A Few of Our Favourite Things!



To wrap up 2020 we asked our staff what were their favourite items sold this year in the 85 auctions we conducted at Waddington’s. It’s a wonderful selection so we thought we’d share a few with you.


“We are always thrilled to offer a painting by A.J. Casson. When this work came in we already knew about the excellent provenance, having been purchased directly from Casson by Alice and Charles Matthews of the famed Canadian company Sampson & Matthews, the long-time employer of Casson from which he retired in 1958. As we were cataloguing the painting for our December auction, we opened up the back to see if we could see any more details to list about the painting and we were pleasantly surprised to see that the board supporting the canvas was from the Sampson & Matthews print shop. It very clearly showed a portion of a poster or advertisement, likely from WWII showing planes and the word “FIGHT” on the back. I love to tell as much of the story as possible about a painting and this was certainly a well-rounded one!”


Selected by Ellie Muir, Manager, Canadian Fine Art department, who gets to work with tons of wonderful Canadian art.

Set of Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cotton, Linen and Silk Dolls, c.1935

“I appreciate handmade versions of something that would otherwise be mass produced. I like that the hands of Mickey are different than Minnie’s and the fact that they look like they’ve been well loved! I can just imagine someone’s mother or grandmother ordering the pattern and working away on them for a special occasion. I found the pattern for sale on Etsy and I’m tempted to make some of my own.”

Favourite item of Erich Deleeuw, Graphic Designer, who is also the photographer for many of our creative shots. You’ll have seen his work on our Instagram account.

KARIN BUBAŠ (1976-), Canadian

“I was drawn to “Ivy House, Washer” by Karin Bubaš for its rich, nostalgic qualities…the distressed nature of the implements and carefully choreographed lighting create a glimpse into the past while retaining contemporary photographic sensibilities. I can’t help but think of those who could have occupied a space like this and what a “day in the life” might have been!”

Kristin Vance, Associate Specialist in Contemporary Art, selected the above photograph as her favourite Waddington’s image of the year.

JOE TALIRUNILI (1893-1976), Povungnituk / Puvirnituq

“I fall in love with anything and everything that I write and learn about in depth, and I was lucky enough to get to write about this piece. This sculpture truly stole my heart. I remain utterly captivated by both form and story!”

Dara Vandor, our Communications & Marketing Coordinator, wrote the catalogue entry for what would become her favourite work of 2020.

Shirvan Akstafa Long Rug, Caucasian, c.1905

“This Caucasian Shirvan rug really stood out to me. A riot of colour and intricate pattern I could behold all day long.”

Livia Miliotis, ourJewellery Consignment Coordinator, sees brilliant colour and intricate design all the time.

‘Petite Chouette’, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)
Ceramic Jug, c.1949

While Picasso was known to portray owls in aggressive, dominant and ornery poses, this splendid example is quite whimsical, with bright eyes, mischievous hands and even a tiny avian smile.

While this playful ceramic jug was popular with everyone at Waddington’s, Bill Kime, Senior Decorative Arts Specialist, selected it as his favourite item of the year. “We loved having this mischievous little owl around!”

One final favourite from 2020:

Our friends at Akimbo. We love working with you. Thank you for always making us look good.

What were your favourite things?

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