Waawiiatanong Forever

Shayenna Nolan, Tayshawn, Munsee St. @ Kildare Ave, 2022.

Waawiiatanong Forever

March 21 – September 22, 2024
Exhibition Celebration: AWE at Night, March 21, 2024, 5pm – 9pm
Art Windsor-Essex

Welcome to Waawiiatanong Forever, a photography and postcard project that celebrates the representation of women and two-spirit folks and their families within our vibrant community. Through this project, we aim to showcase the rich diversity of Indigeneity represented. We invited community members to present themselves as they wanted to be represented alongside the street signs of Windsor that bear their nation’s name or locations that are significant to the community.

Waawiiatanong Forever weaves the threads of history, culture, and personal identity. Listen to the voices, stories, and get to know the Indigenous presence on this land forever celebrated.

Miigwech gii-bi-gkendaman Waawii’atanong Gaagnig Pane, mzinaakzigewin miinwaa boosjigewin ednakmigak ji-mnaa’ang ezhi-gkendaagziwaad kwewag miinwaa niizho-mnidoowiwag miinwaa dinwemaaganan maa endzhi-dniziying. Maa endzhi-dnakmigak, nii-waabnda’aanaanaig ezhi-bkaanziwaad Anishinaabeg. Ngii-kwejmaanaanig ednizijig ji-waabnda’nangwaa ezhi-nendiziwaad, enjibaawaad, ezhinkaadeg enjibaawaad, wodi miikan-kinwaabnjiganing Windsor’ing. Waaii’atanong Gaagnig Pane paazhaamigad gaa-zhiwebak, enaadziwaad, miinwaa ezhi-nendizawaad. Bzindan enaan’gidoong, dbaajmang, miinwaa ga-gkendaan ezhi-bmaadziwaad Anishinaabeg maa kiing pane mnaajtoong.

Gegeti gwa maanda eniigaanziwaad Anishinaabeg gaa-gchi-naanaagdawendamowaad ji-dnakmigak. Miigwech kina gaa-naadmaagewaad.

Bienvenue à Waawiiatanong Forever, un projet photographique qui célèbre la représentation des femmes et des personnes bisprituelles, ainsi que leurs familles. Ce projet vise à mettre en valeur la riche diversité de l’autochtonie de notre région. Des membres de diverses nations ont été invités à se présenter tels qu’iels sont devant les noms de rue portant le nom de leur nation ou dans un lieu symbolique pour leur communauté.

En forme de photos et de cartes postales, Waawiiatanong Forever tisse des liens entre l’histoire, la culture et l’identité. Écoutez leurs voix et leurs histoires afin de célébrer à jamais la présence de l’autochtonie.

Il s’agit véritablement d’un projet collaboratif dirigé par la communauté autochtone et AWE remercie ceux et celles impliqués.

About the Artists and Collaborators

This is truly an Indigenous-led collaborative project years in the making and AWE thanks all involved. Gratitude to curators Julie Rae Tucker and Jace Pillon; organizer and project coordinator Shane Lyon; Photographer Shayenna Nolan; artistic directors Shayenna Nolan, Shane Lyon, and Julie Rae Tucker; and the invaluable project support from Michelle Nahdee, Donna Lefler-Grayer, Kat Pasquach, Marcie Demmans, and Sophie Hinch.

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AWE at Night

March 21, 2024, 5pm – 9pm

On March 21, Art Windsor-Essex and the Chimczuk Museum are open late for an evening celebration of art activities, community conversations, guided tours, and good vibes.

Studio Activity: Wish You Were Here!
6pm – 9pm
Join us in the studio to create your very own postcard. Artist Ostoro Petahtegoose has created postcards and colouring sheets inspired by Waawiiatanong Forever. Customize your postcard with colour and decorations before deciding to take your postcard home or drop it in our mailbox to have it sent in the mail to local government representative, church, or community group inviting them to attend the exhibition at AWE!

Envisioning Windsor’s National Urban Park: A Community Conversation
6:30pm – 7pm
Co-presented with Centre for Cities and Transnational Arts & Entertainment Law Clinic.

Waawiiatanong Forever Artist and Curator Talk: Shayenna Nolan, Shane Lyon, Julie Rae Tucker, and Jace Pillon
7pm – 7:30pm

Collections Talk: Abel González Fernández on Charles McGee
7:30pm – 8pm
Join Abel González Fernández, Associate Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), as he discusses Charles McGee’s work and legacy. McGee’s Tunnel to Detroit (1965) is featured in the exhibition The Once and Future City, on view through June 25, 2024.

About Art Windsor-Essex

Art Windsor-Essex respectfully acknowledges that we are located on Anishinaabe Territory – the traditional territory of the Three Fires Confederacy of First Nations, comprised of the Ojibway, the Odawa, and the Potawatomi. Today the Anishinaabe of the Three Fires Confederacy are represented by Bkejwanong. We want to state our respect for the ancestral and ongoing authority of Walpole Island First Nation over its Territory.

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