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Have you visited lately? It was established as a creative space that covers a breadth of artistic and creative practices as they relate to social justice and human rights. Our stories have a life, a reach, and an impact beyond their immediate context.

Our recent pieces present first-hand stories from Myanmar, Western China, the U.S./Mexican border, and a borderless publication network.

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Photo diptych by Suzy Xu Shuang, from Every Day, We Pass Through

Every Day, We Pass Through: Join photographer Suzy Xu Shuang as she documents the character of her chosen city in Sichuan province while it becomes gentrified under the auspice of the government’s economic development plan.

Illustration by Abby Nowakowski from Book Material

Book Material: What happens when local communities are connected by an international network? What becomes possible? What energies can be harnessed? We hear from two publishers at two nodes in the network—Canada and Brazil—who explain the relationship between making books and building “networks of affection.”

Photo by Monica Lozano from What Remains: Part 1

What Remains: Part 1: Cross over the U.S. border in Texas, and signs of migration lay scattered in the desert sand, as books, dolls, or pieces of clothing. For photographer Monica Lozano, these objects hold stories of bravery and desperation; stories that she must return to in her work documenting the darkness that emanates from the borderlands where she grew up.

Portrait of a Young Artist as a Revolutionary: In the wake of the 2021 military coup in Myanmar, soldiers began a brutal crack down on demonstrators, leading an artist and several friends to join an ethnic militia and fight back. Read his story.

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Image Descriptions:
1. On the left, a man and child stand on front of a brick wall. A large tree seems to grow from the wall, with a tangle of roots against the surface. On the right, a person stands near an old brick structure with a bricked in archway.
2. An illustration of four people standing at tables that are covered in books and posters.
3. Dark-skinned hands with long fingernails hold a cartoonish plush tiger toy.
4. A line of people in civilian clothes kneel outdoors, assembling rifles while a circle of other people watch.