Unscripted: KINSHIP Podcast

Unscripted: KINSHIP is a three-part podcast series exploring themes of interdependence, care and kinship in the arts. Each episode, host Angela Sun welcomes a different artistic collective and invites them to engage in conversation about how they are reimagining artistic collaboration in ways that embrace these themes as well as how relationships and radical reciprocity have been integral to the development of their collective’s unique creative processes.

Unscripted: KINSHIP is a ReDefine Arts production, co-curated by Becky Gold and Wy Joung Kou with digital producer Megan Wilk, and generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, & Toronto Arts Council.

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Watch the podcasts now on Youtube (open captions): https://bit.ly/3zY1zHy

E1: In this inaugural episode, the Countdown Public Art Project team discusses the value of trust and relationship building within community arts, Indigenous teachings on the storykeeping nature of stones, as well as the unique challenges faced by survivors, and the people who work to support them, living in rural areas.

E2: In this episode, The Switch Collective talks about the role of consent in street-based performance art, their mutual aid efforts as artists working and relationship-building in Parkdale, and the fine balance between urgency, care, and political art.

E3: In the final KINSHIP episode, three Bricks & Glitter artists discuss the essential nature of care and accessibility in their work, the importance of radical honesty and accountability in order to divest art from capitalism and move instead towards liberation, and what they hope their impact as artists can be for current well as future generations of QTBIPOC community in Toronto.

ReDefine Arts (established in 2005 as Red Dress Productions) creates and presents interdisciplinary and community grounded performance, installations and public artworks that advance disability justice, collaborative processes, and artistic innovation.

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Image Description: Promotional image for the upcoming release of Unscripted: KINSHIP. Image features three distinct and colourful drawings by Becky Gold. Drawings are inspired by the work and heart of each Unscripted: KINSHIP artist collective and the recorded conversations that took place.