Unbound A/V Art: Redefining the Undefined

Still from Å®†3ƒ@ç+ by erψn temp3st

Manufacturing Entertainment presents Unbound A/V Art: Redefining the Undefined

Featuring 19 A/V artworks, programmed by five curators, organized into four themes, screening for free online, Nov 29 to Dec 11, 2022.


Curated by Constantine Katsiris, Kofi Oduro, Jennifer Smith, Emma Hendrix and Julie Gendron, Unbound A/V Art: Redefining the Undefined is a survey of A/V art that questions the traditional postulational presumptions of the genre and prepares space for it to transform. A/V artwork is not limited to this selection but reflects the contemplative discussions among our temporary curatorial collective enabled by online meeting technology, from across provinces, with varied artistic focuses and a common ideology.

Artists include: The Automatic Message, Casey Koyczan, Colby Richardson, Elise Simard, Erin Gee, erψn temp3st, Freida Abtan, Freya Olafson, Gary James Joynes (Clinker), Grupo D’Binis (Luis Navarro and Jessica Rodriguez), Inflatable Deities (Emily Pelstring and Jessica Mensch), Jackson 2bears, Jacob Audrey Taves, Lindsey Rewuski, Nelly-Ève Rajotte, Matthew Cardinal, Rhayne Vermette & Bret Parenteau, Sabrina Ratté, Sydnie Baynes

Still from Mourning of the Living Past by Inflatable Deities

Manufacturing Entertainment is the artist, curatorial and art production duo, Julie Gendron and Emma Hendrix. Focusing on art-making technologies, digital art communities, and working across genres and disciplines, they strive to build meaningful collaborations, creative communities and affable participation. Autonomous and forward-thinking, Manufacturing Entertainment thrives on new ways of operating, recombining art methodology and transforming status quo thinking. WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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