Tyshan Wright: MYAL Online

July 25 – September 30, 2021


Gumbe III, 2021. Wood, goat skin, kente cloth, traditional beads. Photo: Steve Farmer.

On July 25, 1796, about 550 Jamaican Maroons debarked from three ships docked at Halifax Harbour. Descended from Africans who resisted slavery to form their own independent, self-sustaining communities in the mountainous regions of Jamaica, the Maroons entered into a historic peace treaty with the British in 1738. But in 1796 a group of them was exiled north to Halifax after the Second Maroon War.

β€œThis collection of artwork, MYAL, was created in memory of my ancestors who were denied their ceremonial instruments in exile. Using wood and natural forest products from Jamaica and Canada, I work to connect this important part of Maroon culture to the Canadian and African diasporic narrative.” – Tyshan Wright


Bass, 2017. Wood, goat skin, rope. Photo: Steve Farmer.

Tyshan Wright hails from the historic Maroon Town of Accompong in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. Since moving to Canada a few years ago, his work has been presented in exhibitions and artist talks at Canadian art galleries and museums.

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