Tyshan Wright: MYAL Online

July 25 – September 30, 2021


Gumbe III, 2021. Wood, goat skin, kente cloth, traditional beads. Photo: Steve Farmer.

On July 25, 1796, about 550 Jamaican Maroons debarked from three ships docked at Halifax Harbour. Descended from Africans who resisted slavery to form their own independent, self-sustaining communities in the mountainous regions of Jamaica, the Maroons entered into a historic peace treaty with the British in 1738. But in 1796 a group of them was exiled north to Halifax after the Second Maroon War.

“This collection of artwork, MYAL, was created in memory of my ancestors who were denied their ceremonial instruments in exile. Using wood and natural forest products from Jamaica and Canada, I work to connect this important part of Maroon culture to the Canadian and African diasporic narrative.” – Tyshan Wright


Bass, 2017. Wood, goat skin, rope. Photo: Steve Farmer.

Tyshan Wright hails from the historic Maroon Town of Accompong in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. Since moving to Canada a few years ago, his work has been presented in exhibitions and artist talks at Canadian art galleries and museums.

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