TrépanierBaer at Art Toronto and SBG Pop-Up 2021


Vikky Alexander
Les Jardins de Le Nôtre à Versailles 8,
Vue du Bosquet des Domes, 2021
Edition 1/3
Digital ink jet print on Moab Entrada Naturel paper
60” x 40”

TrépanierBaer at Art Toronto
In person: October 29 to 31 – Booth A20
Online: October 29 to November 7

TrépanierBaer at SBG Pop-Up 2021
In person: October 26 to 31

TrépanierBaer will be participating in both Art Toronto and SBG Pop-Up 2021 held in collaboration with Stephen Bulger Gallery, Wil Aballe Art Projects, Michael Gibson Gallery, and Pierre François Ouellette art contemporain.

At Art Toronto, the gallery will unveil Vikky Alexander’s Les Jardins de Le Nôtre à Versailles, a stunning suite of thirteen (13) archival inkjet prints. This latest work expands on Alexander’s long standing interest in collage and found imagery. Using engravings from 1720 of the fountains at Versailles by landscape architect André Le Nôtre as a template, Alexander’s new work brilliantly incorporates colour and black and white, creating a surprising landscape where abstraction and realism collide.

Art Toronto opens Friday, October 29 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. For more information please click here.


In The Garden Of Materials, 2021
Mixed media
9.25” x 16.5” x 12.5”

At SBG Pop-Up 2021 hosted by the Stephen Bulger Gallery, TrépanierBaer will present new and recent works by DaveandJenn, Carol Wainio, Alicia Henry and Ryan Sluggett, four artists who make beautiful, poetic, at times fanciful, and poignant work while unabashedly focusing their gaze on the state of the world we live in.

At SBG Pop-Up 2021, TrépanierBaer will premiere Ryan Sluggett’s latest 25-minute-long video animation titled Ed Terrestrial to Toronto audiences.

Of Ed Terrestrial, Jackson Arn, the American critic, has written:

“It’s never easy to make art that’s deliberately, self-consciously “about” society; to fail is to invite ridicule, and sometimes to succeed is to invite even more. The difficulty of the problem has led too many artists and critics to conclude that it’s pointless to try—a hedged, managerial sort of conclusion… I’ll say this much: for Ed Terrestrial, [Sluggett has] developed a style of animation that exposes the malevolence lurking beneath cozy, infantilizing entertainment; the sludge lurking beneath “good taste”; and the queasy cocktail of interest and disinterest that we’ve all been drinking—and anyone who doesn’t see the urgency of making art about these things has been living in a cave.”

SBG Pop-Up 2021 opens Tuesday, October 26. Spontaneous visits are welcome, but appointments are encouraged. Entry will be timed to every 30 minutes. Please visit this Eventbrite link to book an appointment.


Ryan Sluggett
Overlap, 2021
Enamel, oil and gouache
on aluminum panel
74” x 50”

We look forward to seeing you at both events!

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