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Amidst widespread political upheaval and violent populism, and after two years of restricted living, economic hardship, and rippling social anxiety and unrest, it is of the utmost importance that we now concentrate significant efforts on shifting civil society toward a culture of caring. This selection of recent contributions to ArtsEverywhere explores creative approaches and artistic practices that fortify generative relationships between humans, and between us and the natural environment.

New on ArtsEverywhere:

Photo: Emma Kazaryan

When a successful modern dancer leaves New York in the wake of the pandemic, he returns home and experiences a creative reawakening by merging movement, activism, film, and the natural world. See photos and videos from this intersection of dance and the environment in Megaflora: Magical Realism & Movement in Nature.

Depression Cooking
With global rates of depression and anxiety on the rise, artist Sonali Menezes offers practical tips for feeding yourself when your energy levels are depleted. Sonali’s story is paired with a PDF of her full cooking zine Depression Cooking, which is published by PS Guelph.

Non-Monogamy Letters
Read the letter exchange between authors Simon(e) van Saarloos and Kim TallBear, who use the topic of non-monogamy as a starting point to explore settler-colonial social norms, governmental policies, and pandemic sexual relations.

Photo courtesy of Filipe Espindola

Planned with his child Txai, artist Filipe Espindola developed this performative healing rite using the indigenous “stone-breaker” plant that helped to cleanse his kidneys and process a violent past. Read Gale, the fifth entry in our “Art-Life Rituals…” series.

Rise Up & Talk podcast
In episode III of the Rise Up & Talk: Refugee Radio podcast series from Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement, producer and host Richard Akim interviews his fellow Equatorian refugees about the moments when civil war reached their villages and forced them to flee South Sudan, their subsequent journeys of loss and survival, and what they hope to build in Uganda. Many of their stories have never been shared with the outside world.

Illustration from Rise Up & Talk by German Andino

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