Toronto Sculpture Garden Launches New Archival Website

The exhibitions and history of first 35 years of the Toronto Sculpture Garden is once again back online at:

From its beginning in September 1981, the TSG was a trailblazer that directly influenced what we see in the public realm today – in the abundance of the Percent for Art works commissioned and in the development of the artists it nurtured to fulfill the desire for art in our built environment.

During this time, over 100 artists made site-specific or site-sensitive work that reflected its location in the city opposite a cathedral, adjacent to a restaurant and near a thriving market and residential area. They responded to its place in the history of the development of the city and its location in the heart of a commercial and business district and commented on its reality as a man-made piece of nature surrounded by buildings. Their increasing sensitivity to site and context ran parallel to current practices in contemporary art. For the first time in this city, artists were given a unique opportunity to gain experience working with a site and to produce work at an architectural scale with materials that would withstand being touched by both climate and the public. The TSG benefited both the artists (as an incubator), the public (as an educator and by enlivening the public realm), and the City (as a cultural asset).

This archival website was made possible with generous funding from the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts (TFVA), ERA Architects and individual TSG Angels.

The TSG Archival Website is hyperlinked to the City of Toronto’s website for current exhibitions.

The Toronto Sculpture Garden is located at 115 King Street East, Toronto.