Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts Announces the 2024 Project Support Award Winners

Rita Daniel, President of the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts, recently announced the recipients of the 2024 TFVA Project Support Awards. TFVA committee members chose the following projects after researching and carefully considering many others. These awards provide development funding for visual arts activities within the GTA that demonstrate excellence, originality, creativity, and artistic merit. Congratulations to our awardees whose work will impact Torontonians, artists, and the city’s visual arts scene.

Since TFVA was formed twenty-six years ago, we have supported 240 artists, visual arts organizations, and those engaged in the visual arts in the GTA.

Founded in 1998, the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts is an independent, membership-based, non-profit organization that promotes knowledge of the visual arts to its members through an extensive education program, and provides support and recognition for artistic achievement to artists and art organizations in the GTA and surrounding area.

$10,000 to Evergreen for the multi-media installation Dastgāh

Evergreen has invited sibling artists Sanaz Mazinani and Mani Mazinani to Evergreen Brick Works to create Dastgāh, a multimedia installation and playable sound sculpture. The Toronto-based brother-sister artist duo will research, develop, and create the installation which will draw upon their respective artistic backgrounds to create a piece that allows visitors to indulge in an immersive musical experience centered around the chang, which first appears in Persian paintings and mosaics in 4000 BCE. In studying their own heritage, the artists have found technologies that were developed and sustained for many thousands of years in ancient Iran. Using visual references from the era this large-scale installation similarly designed vertical and horizontal sound boxes that can be used by visitors. The installation will contribute to Toronto’s thriving public art scene and boost public appreciation and enjoyment of the arts.


Images (left to right): Artists Mani Mazanani & Sanaz Mazinani

$5,000 to David Hartman in conjunction with the Portrait Gallery of Canada

David Hartman, a Toronto-based documentary filmmaker and photographer, is the recipient of a Project Support Award for the creation of his short film entitled Letitia Fraser: This is My Fabric. Created in conjunction with the Portrait Gallery of Canada, the film brings relevance and shifts perceptions about the Canadian Black diasporic experience through the work of Fraser, an emerging, Black female artist. Hartman is well known for his other documentaries on Kent Monkman, Edward Burtynsky, Meryl McMaster, and Jen Aiken amongst others.


Image: Filmmaker David Hartman

$5,000 to Elisa Julia Gilmour for the film Aida Non Plus

Elisa Julia Gilmour, a Toronto-based, Canadian French filmmaker, is the recipient of a Project Support Award to support post-production expenses related to her narrative film Aida Non Plus. The film, set in Corsica, France addresses the issues of migration, immigration, and integration related to one woman’s return to the island. There she tries to find her place within her family, a society, and a land that often does not feel like one’s own. Elisa’s photography and video installations have made her the recipient of prizes, grants, and awards.


Image: Film maker Elisa Julia Gilmour. Photo by Julia Hendrickson.

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