Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts Announces the 2024 Project Support Award Winners (Part 2)

Rita Daniel, President of the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts, recently announced the recipients of the 2024 TFVA Project Support Awards. TFVA committee members chose the following projects after researching and carefully considering many others. These awards provide development funding for visual arts activities within the GTA that demonstrate excellence, originality, creativity, and artistic merit. Congratulations to our awardees whose work will impact all artists and the city’s visual arts scene.

Since TFVA was formed twenty-six years ago, we have supported 240 artists, visual arts organizations, and those engaged in the visual arts in the GTA.

Founded in 1998, the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts is an independent, membership-based, non-profit organization that promotes knowledge of the visual arts to its members through an extensive education program, and provides support and recognition for artistic achievement to artists and art organizations in the GTA and surrounding area.

$10,000 to the Textile Museum

TFVA’s award will fund programming activities connected with the Textile Museum’s exhibition, Secret Codes: Quilts, from and inspired by Nova Scotia’s Black Communities. Supporting the quilt-making traditions of Nova Scotia’s forty Black communities from the past centuries, the exhibition features quilts based on traditional motifs, as well as designs featuring the women’s contemporary interpretations. Expanding on quilt-making’s narrative potential, and evoking the tradition of the itinerant storyteller, Curator David Woods travelled throughout the province to collect stories that reflect the experience of life in African Nova Scotian communities. He created a collection of drawings inspired by his journeys and has encouraged local quilt makers to interpret these images in their own way. The Textile Museum of Canada connects our global collection of objects to contemporary creative research and expression, as well as to local, national, and international experiences with textiles at their core.The Textile Museum of Canada aims to inspire understanding of the human experience through textiles.


$5,000 to the Black Artists’ Networks in Dialogue (BAND)

This Project Support Award is to support BAND’s programming which will accompany an installation, by the artist, writer, and curator, Chiedza Pasipandodya. Pasipandodya’s research-based practice emerges from southern African ways of being, knowing, and aesthetics and is informed by African pottery. The installation, located in Garrison Common Park, will feature a wooden Granary frame, two stainless steel plates with acid etchings and two serpentine stone sculptures with engraved drawings. “Conceptually the granary is a ‘bank’ for people of African descent – a place of abundance and collective care.” BAND is an organization that is dedicated to supporting, documenting and showcasing the artistic and cultural contributions of Black artists and cultural workers in Canada and internationally.


$3,000 to Shoot for Peace

Shoot for Peace will use photography as a way to build confidence, communication, personal development, and a sense of leadership within marginalized youth in Regent Park. Ten young people will be provided with a camera and film as a way to build proficiency in photography. Project leader Yasin Osman, who is now a cartoonist for the New Yorker Magazine, grew up in Regent Park. The students will work with expert photography instructors who will serve as mentors and role models. There will be biweekly workshops, field trips, and drop-in sessions all culminating in a public exhibition. Shoot For Peace is a non-profit organization with the mission of community healing through art. Its aim is to deliver community programming that makes art accessible to underserved youth and to launch a generation of storytellers empowered by their identities and experiences, prepared for success.


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