To:Beirut | Canadian Artist Auction for Lebanon


Some of the auctioned artworks donated by the artists (from left to right) Jamelie Hassan, Zinnia Naqvi, Nour Bishouty, Sameer Farooq and Mirjam Linschooten, Micah Lexier, Chris Boyne, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Scott Rogers, and Idris Plum.

To:Beirut | Canadian Artist Auction for Lebanon


Bidding ends: September 25th, 2020

To:Beirut is an online art auction by Canadian and Canadian-based artists raising funds for the affected communities in Beirut in the aftermath of the August 4th explosions. Proceeds will go towards reconstruction efforts in Beirut through trusted organizations.


Verisimilitude of the nationless state…. (i.e. residue + effacement), 1992 – Artwork donated by Jayce Salloum (lot 03)

All artworks auctioned were kindly donated by the artists, including Shazia Ahmad, Nour Bishouty, Ron Benner, Amanda Boulos, Chris Boyne, Sameer Farooq and Mirjam Linschooten, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Hailey Guzik, Jamelie Hassan, Serene Husni, Muriel Jaouich, Micah Lexier, Zinnia Naqvi, Idris Plum, Rebekah Reiko, Scott Rogers, Jayce Salloum, and others.

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Tuesday the 4th of August marked a devastating and historic day for Lebanon. A massive explosion ripped through the core of Beirut originating in its port and causing destruction upwards of 10km. The destruction of the Port of Beirut—an essential infrastructure for a country that relies on import—also comes in the midst of the worst economic and financial crisis the country has experienced since the end of the civil war, the COVID-19 pandemic, and nearly 10 months of sustained uprising against the governing elite. In the first week following the blast, people around the world mobilized to send emergency funds and aid to Lebanon.

The TO:Beirut fund is dedicated to raising funds aimed at long-term rehabilitation and repairs which would allow affected individuals to return to their home or work. Funds will be delivered through trusted organizations.

The auction
To:Beirut is currently featuring a selection of donated artworks that are now open for bidding on our online platform:

  • This is an online auction only, and bidders must register to participate.
  • Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars.
  • All sales will close on September 25th, 2020 at midnight EST.

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The proceeds
All proceeds will go towards reconstruction efforts in Beirut. The To:Beirut auction is raising funds for those most affected by the explosion through direct donations to local organizations working towards that goal. Organizations we hope to support through this initiative: Offre Joie, The Lebanese Red Cross, The Lebanese Food Bank, Impact Lebanon, Mophradat Beirut Art Fund, AFAC Lebanon Solidarity Fund, and others.

Who we are
The To:Beirut is a volunteer-run initiative organized by a group of Lebanese-Canadians based in Toronto. The team would like to thank all the artists for their generous donations.


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Instagram: @tobeirutartfund