This Woman’s Work: Akanzyla

(Durational livestream performance)


What will Toronto look like in the year 2050?

What will the future of women’s work look like in 2050?

Join artist Hima Batavia tomorrow, June 25 for a virtual livestream performance titled, Akanzyla, which explores these questions.

In partnership with Myseum of Toronto and part of an exhibition titled, This Woman’s Work, this livestream performance happening from 10am-5pm ET invites audience members to drop in throughout the day to watch and take part in various rituals and activities with Akanzyla.

The performance is the day in the life of Akanzyla, which is centred in the principles of interspecies community, care and cooperation. She spends the day in conversation with her Mirror – an AI tool that is a supportive assistant, friend, and well-being guide. The audience is her community who invest in her coin, support in care and mutual aid, and look to her for guidance on various topics.

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Akanzyla Synopsis

Set in 2050, T’karonto, on the Northeast corner of Turtle Island, on the shores of Lake Ontar’io, Akanzyla is an Indian climate refugee navigating work in a place that is AI-centric and focused on restoring care and connection with ancestors, land, community and self through the leadership and stewardship of Indigenous communities.

She arrived in T’karonto through the second phase of a randomized lottery program to relocate Indians displaced from the drought and heat waves, but also support them in a compassionate settlement process, which includes housing and a monthly allowance. As a single woman, with no dependents, this means she is alone, with her extended family dispersed in different parts of the world. Her mother remains in India, and was too unwell to make the move.

Since arriving, Akanzyla has been plugged into various community structures, including: NurturePod, where she co-parents two children conceived through hybridized surrogacy, is a spiritual caregiver participating in mutual aid through Kin Ships, and works as a creative biologist in a co-op that experiments with how to transform Algae into usable and sustainable food and products. She accrues an exchangeable value through these community structures and by making content with her own namesake coin, Zyla, that lives on the blockchain.

Given the climate circumstances, the restoration strategy has been to limit outdoor time and move food production into the home, leaving her physically isolated, yet weaved through digital realms of community and care.

Join us tomorrow, Friday June 25 for a look into the future.

Akanzyla is inspired by Memory Work, a foresight research project on the future of woman’s work led by FromLater and At The Moment (ATM).

This livestream is part of this year’s Myseum Intersections festival. Myseum Intersections is an annual festival. The festival explores intersectional perspectives of Toronto through collaborative exhibits, events, and experiences.

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