The Digital Mural: Exhibition by Emerging Indigenous Artists


The Digital Mural: Exhibition by Emerging Indigenous Artists

Group art exhibition by Indigenous artists showcases creative artistic production that engages with concepts of community, care, and resilience.

“We need to make art accessible to our communities while uplifting the voices of our youth because they are our future ancestors.”
– Adrienne Huard, Digital Mural Curator and Editor at Canadian Art

On March 12, 2021 the Red Beans Group and Canadian Roots Exchange (CRE) launched The Digital Mural, an exciting and innovative art exhibition space that showcases Indigenous art. In this time of potential isolation and disconnection, The Digital Mural shares visual and creative responses to care, community, and resilience.


Cameryn Mattie, Deforestation, 2019, photo with digital drawing and pixel-manipulation

Throughout the project’s development, curator Franchesca Hebert-Spence has reflected on what new options a digital exhibition space might offer. She observes that “it has been the experience of too many Indigenous artists to have their work contextualized within a non-indigenous lens.” The Digital Mural is designed to support curators to reimagine how to categorize and sort artistic works according to their relevant metadata and through an Indigenous lens.

The Digital Mural platform supports the presentation of creative explorations in a variety of media. Curators viewed this as integral to the exhibition. Adrienne Huard comments that her interest in this project derives from a “passion to blur the lines of what constitutes Indigenous art.” Viewers will encounter a range of material, from beadwork to QR codes and embedded video games, that challenges the notion that Indigenous art is confined to any one category or type of visual production. Artist and curator Jennifer McGregor’s hope is that this platform would allow Indigenous youth “to share their unique stories through the arts.”


Craig Commanda, The Bok Globule, 2021, glass beads, thread, 3x5cm

Through this project curators seek to expand knowledge of Indigenous Media Arts, and build connections with young emerging artists from across Canada. The Digital Mural Project perfectly complements the need for cultural production to be contextualized within an Indigenous arts lens.

The online platform is funded by CRE, a national Indigenous charity that supports and facilitates programs that focus on strengthening the resilience of Indigenous youth. CRE plans to use this platform to encourage Indigenous youth to continue sharing their unique stories through the arts. The project was also supported by the Read Beans Group, an art consulting practice based in Toronto who focus on community engagement and specialize in digital art exhibitions.

Franchesca Hebert-Spence, Adrienne Huard, Jennifer McGregor, Tom McLeod, and Mikinaak Migwans.

Participating artists:
Aaron Leon, Aaron Meddings, Amber Jones, Anastasia ski um talx McAllister, Ashton Wood, Brody Burns, Cameryn Mattie, Chantelle Trainor-Matties, Chelsey Whitford, Cipriano Ortega, Craig Commanda, Daanis Pelletier, Ooleepeeka Eegeesiak, Elaine Landry, Ainsliewould, Jacqueline Pelland, Jessie Jannuska, Katie Jock Lamarche, Kai Bureau, Kaya Joan, Keara Lightning & Caeleigh Lightning, Lauren Nicole, Layten Byhette (Chelazon Leroux), Mekayla Dionne, Natalie King, Nuna Messier, Ruby Bruce, Tessa Belanger, Thomas, Niquita, Zoe Dougherty.

Key partners: Canadian Roots Exchange and Red Beans Group

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