Talia Shipman: The Turquoise Period

Talia Shipman, The Turquoise Period, installation view, Art in the Trees.

Talia Shipman: The Turquoise Period 2006 – 2015

June 4 – August 28, 2022
Gallery Stratford – Art in the Trees

I fell to the bottom of the sea. All I could see was the turquoise that surrounded me. Or was it all in my head? Where did it come from and where was it going? So I followed it far and wide, across the universe. I wandered the streets amidst the grays, browns, and beiges, and asked myself: does warm mean bright and bright mean happy? It’s only a color, after all; and so began my fascination with the colour turquoise.

Turquoise is not often used in North American architecture and design and began as a project I gave myself while I traveled. Ironically, it has completely taken me over and become the eyes in which I now see the world – often to the point of obsession. In colour psychology, turquoise controls balance and stability and evokes the infinite. A combination of blue and a small amount of yellow, it fits in on the colour scale between green and blue – a neutral colour in between extremes.

After being raised on the ocean, and leaving home at seventeen years old, turquoise is the balance and consistency that I have carried with me throughout the ups and downs and that life has taken me on – the different tones and shades, like crashing waves. Over the time span of eight year, fifteen apartments, twelve countries, and fifty cities, it has become my religion, my sanity, my reality and escape; the recurrent emptiness and intimacy of the images calming, evoking the notion of absence and solitude as possibility.

– Talia Shipman

Talia Shipman’s work bridges art, food, social gathering, and social justice. While her photography and immersive installations raise questions about our place in the world and our fabricated environments, her recent transition to a community and culinary-based practice was born out of an urge to connect with others and support social causes.

Shipman was born in Vancouver and currently resides in Los Angeles. She holds a BFA in Photography from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) and has a background in cultural studies, design, and art history. She has received multiple international awards and her work has been exhibited in galleries and private collections across the globe. Talia Shipman is represented by Mónica Reyes Gallery Vancouver

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