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Shelagh Keeley, At the Table/MoMA Library Project (detail), 2019. Copyright Shelagh Keeley and I Heart Your Work Art Futures.

We have some loveliness to share with you!

For the adventurous, ardent, admirer of art, artists and their work we have the full Art Futures experience available with our Current Futures artists Shelagh Keeley and Katie Bethune-Leamen. For those who are more comfortable knowing what they are getting, we have limited works available from Past Futures artists Annie MacDonell, Jasmine Reimer and Brendan Fernandes.

The I Heart Your Work Art Futures experience is a unique one. By supporting artists whose work you love, Art Futures supporters make art happen. Loving an artist’s past work and Art Futures concept, you commit to owning one piece in a limited edition by that artist. You support the full creative process, enabling the artist to make the work. In exchange, you own a piece by an artist whose work might normally be out of reach. All this and you get to meet the artist and discuss their practice and Art Futures project at an exclusive launch event.

Art Futures artists are selected by Curator and Founder, Rebecca Carbin, whose career spans North America and the U.K. Her selection of artists for I Heart Your Work, is guided by the desire to support artists whose work is both critically important and beautifully made; artists with established exhibition histories, and lots of promise ahead. Many have been nominated for – or received – this country’s highest accolades (Shelagh Keeley, for example, is a Governor General Award recipient).

This giving season consider a gift that is both a unique experience and a beloved object, a gift to a collector and to an artist. Each edition is numbered and signed by the artist, is ready for display and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. Purchases made between November 25 and December 31 will receive a signed card from the artist whose work they heart most.

Check out details on our website at, and don’t hesitate to ask questions and spread the love.