Summer/Fall 2022 Exhibitions Launch at Esker Foundation

Robin Arseneault, Plus, 2022. Custom water gilded 22k gold leaf frame by Jarvis Hall. Photo by: Resolve Photo. Courtesy the artist and Norberg Hall.

We are pleased to present our Summer/Fall 2022 Exhibitions by Robin Arseneault, Chloë Lum & Yannick Desranleau, Gailan Ngan, and Teresa Tam.

Join us to celebrate the launch on Friday 22 July, 7-9pm, all welcome.
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Robin Arseneault
Falling Off The Log

23 July – 18 December

Falling-off-the-log is the name of a series of steps attributed to both tap and jazz dance that mimics the actual motion of falling. It is a twisting movement consisting of shuffles and the alternating crossing and re-crossing of one foot over the other, while also leaning the weight of the body sideways, at an angle, towards the exit, as it was often used at the end of a routine to finish the dance and leave the stage. The expression might also be read as a metaphor for embracing the inevitable failures and inescapable suffering that comes with living; it is in this space that allows sorrow and humor to exist simultaneously that we find the work of Robin Arseneault.

Central to this exhibition is Dancing Men (Troupe) a work that started from a set of palm-sized pieces of driftwood purchased from a terminally ill artist living in New York City who was selling their studio supplies. She immediately wanted to push the boundaries of their scale, to move them away from something precious to hold, to something more emblematic of or relational to the entire body. Installed together, the 12 resulting sculptures perform a dance that consist of a series of uninterrupted, simple gestures that are abstract, non-descript, and suggest a body looking up, then down, standing, walking, laying down, crouching, stretching, or rolling over.

Special thanks to Carvel Creative, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and Resolve Photo for supporting this exhibition.

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Still from Chloë Lum & Yannick Desranleau’s The Garden of a Former House Turned Museum, 2021. Performers: Ruby Kato Attwood, Sarah Albu, Talia Fuchs, Elizabeth Lima. Cinematography: Yasmine Amor. © Chloë Lum & Yannick Desranleau.

Chloë Lum & Yannick Desranleau
The Garden of a Former House Turned Museum

23 July – 18 December

Much of the work produced by Chloë Lum & Yannick Desranleau requires active collaboration, not simply with each other, choreographers, musicians, and dancers, but with the objects they produce; objects that perform collectively as costumes, sets, noisemakers, and sculptures. Theirs is a performance- and material-heavy practice informed by their time in the avant-rock group AIDS Wolf—of which they were founding members—and the DIY, scrappy, screen-printed poster work made under the pseudonym, Séripop.

In the video of The Garden of a Former House Turned Museum, four performers wrestle, dance, hold onto, lean on, and play with these props. The forms of these objects challenge definition: in relation to the body they are prosthetics or mobility aids; when worn, internal organs, residual limbs, or strips of flesh; and when struck or activated, musical instruments.

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Gailan Ngan, From The Studio Floor (studio detail), 2022. Courtesy of the artist and Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver.

Gailan Ngan
From The Studio Floor

23 July – 18 December

The work of Gailan Ngan makes fated connections, not in any linear way, but poetically, by crafting associations between herself, the objects she collects, and the material she uses. This exhibition features hand-built sculptures that, while simply expressed, broadly explore shape, surface treatment, and colour. To further complicate and enrich finished work, industry by-products, organic and processed objects, and studio experiments are included, each contributing to an extended narrative of material that is influenced by the historically resource-rich West Coast where Ngan lives and works.

Blacks, Greys, Chromes gathers a series of large ink drawings, a lengthy string of beads, and a substantial plinth displaying Random Objects Of Material. While this installation introduces Ngan’s refined language of shape, size, and material, it also establishes a consistent personal narrative embedded in this assembled collection. The ink drawings are explorations of the way ink moves across paper, and the ink, paper, and brushes used to create this work were all inherited supplies from her late father. In fact, the making of these drawings triggered foggy memories of painting tutorials she received from her father as a young child.

This exhibition was generously supported in-part by Carvel Creative.

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Teresa Tam
Seasons End Liquidation Shop

Until 16 October
In the Project Space.

Seasons End Liquidation Shop is a variety store, celebratory funeral, and ritual ending of part of Teresa Tam’s artistic practice. It is a place of exchange intended to consider many of the items used in a series of Tam’s previous projects, which all connect thematically to the concept of various kinds of shops.

Here, Tam marks the end of the Shop Series through the trade of the objects themselves, as well as their attendant stories, connections, and contexts. Rather than for cash, these items are traded through a connective and reciprocal experience of information sharing.

Visit during store hours: 12-5pm whenever possible, usually Saturdays.
Shop catalogue:

Explore the exhibition here.

In Bridge Space – until 28 August
Yolkless Press & Discovering Choices
Analogue Counterpart: A Riso Workshop

Upcoming Program:

Artist-Led Exhibition Tour
Saturday 23 July, 1-2PM
In-person program at Esker, free: Register here.

Exhibiting artists Robin Arseneault, Chloë Lum & Yannick Desranleau, and Gailan Ngan, will lead us on a tour through the gallery as they discuss work in their respective exhibitions.

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