STILL MAX: A film by Katherine Knight


World Premiere at Hot Docs 2021
Canadian Spectrum Program

Site Media is thrilled to present STILL MAX an immersive portrait of artist Max Dean as he applies the creative strategies he knows best – art- to his journey with prostate cancer.

Join us for online screenings followed by a Q & A with Director Katherine Knight and artist Max Dean from April 29th to May 9th.
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The Gross Clinic, photograph by Max Dean, 2016

“All of my work has been affected by my life and my being. It’s not an abstraction. It’s about my reality.” In STILL MAX, Max Dean enlists a team of discarded figures from a decommissioned amusement ride to help him negotiate his diagnosis of prostate cancer. The idea of fixing oneself and others takes on a poignant and pressing meaning as the artist’s partner, Martha Fleury is confronted with an aggressive cancer. The question, “how do we fix ourselves?” is central to this emotional humanist portrait of art, resilience, aging and cancer. Never willing to be overwhelmed by his illness, the artist affirms that he is still Max Dean; the key to fixing ourselves, he asserts, is through the creative process of knowing ourselves.


Production Still, Max Dean Studio. Photograph McAlister Zeller-Newman

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