State of Being (of the Current Situation)


Visual Arts Mississauga’s Creative Residents (VCR) 2020 proudly present their new exhibition, State of Being (of the Current Situation), launching May 15, 2020. This program and exhibition allows Residents to carve out their space as emerging artists while in the pursuit of showcasing the reality of their current, individual situations. State of Being will launch online (on the website with a Public Opening Reception presented in collaboration with The Open Gallery on Friday, May 15 at 7 pm. The Opening Reception will also feature three live performers. The exhibition will be on-going until May 29, with live artist talks throughout the month of May.

VAM’s Creative Residency (VCR) is comprised of four emerging artists including Ashley Beerdat, Jenny Chen, Jasmine Canaviri and Soka Lazara. Supported by the Ontario Arts Council, this collective is an opportunity for emerging artists in Mississauga to participate in a 6 month exhibitions program with a focus on mentorship and professional development. Click here for details. This new exhibition is a platform for these innovative artists to showcase their skill and practice.


Jasmine Canaviri, #StartAConvo: Phase 1, 5 white shirts with black text (sculpture)

“VAM is excited to share the work of this year’s Creative Residents as they continue their practice,” explains VAM Cultural Development Manager Eldiana Begovic. “These four artists show us that art in Mississauga is socially engaged and influential to the cultural identity of our City. This exhibition is their experience as active citizens and creatives and will inform, engage, educate and indulge the audience.”

Visit the State of Being exhibition page at to view the new show.

Instagram: @VAMCresidency
Twitter: @VAMCreative


Soka Lazara, Studio, Photography

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