StART Health & Wellness Workshop Series: Healing Through Art

Artwork by Natalie Very B (@natalieveryb)

StreetARToronto Artist Health & Wellness Workshop #4:
Healing Through Art

StART Health and Wellness Series:

For the past 3 years, StART has hosted an annual virtual Health and Wellness Workshop Series facilitated by a mental health educator, to help artists cope with the pandemic situation. This year, we have modified the program to be spread out across four months, partnering with local professionals and organizations along with StART artists, addressing mental and physical health and wellness geared towards helping artists. A new topic is explored and discussed each month. The workshop series is curated by Tanzina Amin, visual artist, educator, curator, and Reiki Master.

Friday May 5th is our 4th and final workshop in the series this year!

What to Expect:

Although the workshop will primarily focus on the mental health and wellness of mural artists, the presentations and activities can easily be applicable for everyone. The main presenter Natalie Very B will start with a presentation on how art can be therapeutic, and than guide us through a simple healing workshop. Participants are welcome to follow along and share their experience if they wish. The guest artists will then lead us through some simple activities of their own.

You are invited to join the workshops with a sketchbook or paper and any writing/drawing/colouring supplies you have at home. You are also welcome to simply watch.

The workshop is free to attend, however, registration is required.
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Workshop Schedule:

Workshop #4: Healing Through Art
Friday May 5th, 2023
10:30 am – 12:00 noon EDT (Virtual)
Main Presenter: Natalie Very B. (
Featured Artists: Victoria Day (IG: @artistvictoriaday) and Moises Frank (IG:

Artwork by Natalie Very B (@natalieveryb)

About StART:

Since 2012, StreetARToronto (StART) has been supporting local artists through a suite of innovative programs designed specifically for streets and public spaces, reducing graffiti vandalism and replacing it with vibrant, colourful, community-engaged street art. StART programs make our streets more beautiful and safe, encourage active transportation (walking and cycling), showcase local artists, mentor emerging talent, and reduce overall infrastructure maintenance costs and more.

About the Hosts:

Tanzina Amin (she/her) is Bangladeshi-Canadian visual artist and art educator with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. A passionate and creative leader in the arts and culture sector, Tanzina co-founded Artusiasm, a trailblazer art gallery and curating business to promote local artists and foster networking through an inclusive and accessible platform. She is also a Reiki Master and volunteers her time as a wellness practitioner in energy healing, meditation, and self compassion, working with people dealing with a life limiting illness or loss.

Natalie Very B. is an award-winning Polish Canadian Artist, Art Therapist, and Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying). As an immigrant who for many years did not feel like she belonged anywhere, she found solace in painting colourful landscapes inspired by the soothing quality of nature in Canada: her real home. Natalie’s public murals depict peaceful scenes of Mother Nature’s harmonious coexistence and are intended as “safe places” for the community. Natalie’s therapy work focuses on leading healing art workshops and working with individuals living with trauma.

Victoria Day is an interdisciplinary artist from what is now called Toronto. Her affinity for precision and analog processes leads her to create detailed and time intensive murals, drawings, prints and ceramics. Recently, Day has been processing her status as a mixed-race visible minority amidst rising anti-Asian sentiment. A core pillar of Day’s practice is representation- not simply of Korean culture, but of the nuances of mixed-race life. By studying and presenting traditional Korean art forms, Day can find connection to her Korean heritage and in response to the negativity that is making its way into the mainstream she expresses that connection proudly, thoughtfully, and with resiliently.

Moises also known as Luvs is a Toronto based human, creator and self proclaimed millennial hippie. His roots in hip-hop have guided him to study graffiti and street art in back alleys, abandoned buildings, on trains and in books. He was a bad student and is continuing to learn and unlearn. Despite this, he has also had the privilege of traveling to paint murals and teach art abroad. Places including New York, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Florida, Baltimore, Alberta, Ottawa, Montreal, Windsor and across the GTA and even different cities across South America. Through his practice, Luvs continues to explore, play, fail, cry, and grow.

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