StART Health & Wellness Series 2023

Artwork by Annwinn (@annwinarts), Hydro One Cecil Laneway Project, 2022. Photo by Lisa Kruchak.

StART Health & Wellness Series

For over 10 years, StreetARToronto (StART) has been supporting local artists through a suite of innovative programs designed specifically for streets and public spaces, reducing graffiti vandalism and replacing it with vibrant, colourful, community-engaged street art.

Since 2020, StART has hosted a 5-week virtual Health and Wellness Workshop Series, to help artists cope with the pandemic situation. The workshops were facilitated by Rebecca Higgins, a mental health educator. This year, we have modified the program to be spread out across the months, partnering with local professionals and organizations along with StART artists, addressing mental and physical health and wellness geared towards helping artists.

To kick off the season, we are very excited to welcome back Rebecca Higgins to present a workshop on how winter can be a difficult time AND a time of rest. The sessions will feature activities that attendees can follow along at home. This first workshop of the season will feature artists Leyland Adams and Annwin leading the participants in creative activities. The workshop series is being co-curated by Tanzina Amin, visual artist, curator and Reiki Master.

The series begins Friday February 24th 2023, and will continue every month until May. Mark your calendars: Feb 24, Mar 17, Apr 14 and May 5 from 10:30am-12:00 noon. Stay tuned for details on each workshop.

Friday Feb 24: Coping with Winter Blues 10:30am-12:00 noon
Main Presenter: Rebecca Higgins (
Featured Artists:
Leyland Adams (IG: @leylandadams)
Annwin (IG: @annwinarts)

A new topic will be explored and discussed each month. Bring your sketchbooks and simple art materials you have at home to the workshop! Workshops are free to attend and registration is required.

Registration Link:

Artwork by Leyland Adams (@leylandadams), created in partnership with CNIB (@cnibfoundation).

Rebecca Higgins is a writer and mental health educator in Toronto. She has a background in social work and has been specializing in mental health education since 2010. She designs and delivers customized webinars and workshops on a variety of topics related to mental health and wellbeing. In addition to facilitating sessions for StART artists, she has worked with library staff, caregivers, frontline workers, educators and many others. Find her at

Leyland Adams is a creative person of colour who has always pushed boundaries. Working with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Adams is making murals accessible for people with visual impairment, while beautifying his community.

Annwin is a self-taught artist who draws inspiration from her Indigenous roots and lived experiences to create artworks across various mediums, while also exploring embroidery, beadwork and foraging her own materials to make non-toxic, cost-effective paints. She is a full-time specialized psychology student, small business operator and seeks to focus her career on providing greater accessibility to therapeutic arts within marginalized communities.

Tanzina Amin is Bangladeshi-Canadian visual artist with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Tanzina is a dynamic, passionate and creative leader in the arts and culture sector with extensive experience in corporate management roles. Tanzina co-founded Artusiasm, a trailblazer art gallery and curating business to promote local artists and foster networking and exposure through an inclusive and accessible platform where emerging talents showcase their work alongside seasoned artists.

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