Spark Box Studio Emerging Artist Award Exhibition 2021


Images (left-right): Leila Fatemi, Untitled, collage, 2021. Leila Fatemi, Untitled, collage, 2021


Supporting artists at an early stage of their career is a priority at Spark Box Studio, which is why we created our award program that offers free residencies to emerging artists. This residency opportunity is a unique way for emerging artists to cultivate new ideas, access a rich library of arts resources, learn about career-building opportunities, and develop an understanding of the art world.

This year our award program is being hosted online and for the first time in 12 years we are exhibiting the work of our award winners at our new Spark Box Gallery.


Images (left-right): Josephine Lee, Signs In Another Language, silk organza, korean embroidery, 2021. Wenting Li Sirenidés, ceramic, 2021.

We are delighted to be showcasing the work of artists Leila Fatemi, Josephine Lee, Wenting Li and Eryn Lougheed.

The exhibition will open Oct 29, 2021 and will be virtually toured on the Spark Box Studio Instagram live program Flat Files on Oct. 29th from 12-1 pm est.

The exhibition will be open until mid-November and can be viewed 24/7, 7 days a week.


Images (left-right): Eryn Lougheed, Postcard, glazed ceramic and gouache, 2021. Eryn Lougheed, Goose, glazed ceramic, 2021.

The Spark Box Gallery is located at 246 Bloomfield Main St, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0

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