Silvia Kolbowski Digital Screening and Artist Talk


Silvia Kolbowski, That Monster: An Allegory, B+W film projection, 18 minutes (9 mins with sound, 9 mins silent), 2018.

Silvia Kolbowski in conversation with co-curator Jared Quinton

Saturday, April 18 at 12:00PM
Co-presented with Images Festival

Join Gallery 44 for an online screening of Silvia Kolbowski’s 2018 video That Monster: An Allegory, followed by a conversation between Kolbowski and co-curator Jared Quinton. That Monster is part of the artist’s solo exhibition A Few Howls Again, currently set to open in Gallery 44’s main space and vitrines, later this year.

That Monster: An Allegory addresses the projections and identifications at play in today’s mass politics. The film was developed out of a desire to elucidate the riddle of mass enthrallment to demagogic power that does not serve its interests. That Monster features remixed images and sequences from the classic horror film The Bride of Frankenstein, (1935; James Whale). The film plays once with sound and once in silence.”
—Silvia Kolbowski

Please email if you would like to attend. Registered attendees will receive a link to join the event.


Due to COVID-19, the in-person exhibition A Few Howls Again has been postponed. The four video works included in this exhibition are now available below. Like a Clap of Thunder (2015), reimagines the murder of Marxist revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg; After Hiroshima Mon Amour (2008), which overlays the invasion of Iraq and devastation of Hurricane Katrina; That Monster: An Allegory (2018), which imagines the contemporary global rise of fascism through the lens of Frankenstein, and Missing Asher (2017-2019), which addresses the exhibition history of one of Kolbowski’s site-specific works.

Exhibition catalogue can be found here.

The Booklet can be found here. The Booklet contains a selection of lists from the archive of Silvia Kolbowski. It was made in conjunction with the Gallery 44 exhibition Silvia Kolbowski: A Few Howls Again.

For further reading on That Monster: An Allegory check out: That Monster: A Conversation about Politics and the Psyche, a conversation between Kolbowski and Edwin Coomasaru that took place in April 2019.


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