Sidia Atabales-Schnitzler: Apparitions on a Film Reel

Sidia Atabales-Schnitzler, Kingsize (detail), Chalk pastel on paper, 2022

Apparitions on a Film Reel
Sidia Atabales-Schnitzler

Exhibition Dates: November 1 – 30, 2022
Opening Reception: November 3, 7:00 – 9:00PM
At Origin Coffee, Toronto

Apparitions on a Film Reel explores themes of in-betweenness in belonging. Stemming from personal experience living in the midst of two political worlds of gender, race, and generation.

Recurring motifs such as intermingling locks of hair, body parts, domestic interior settings, and patterning are communicated with consistent uncertainty and constant interruption. Continuously shifting from figurative to more broken down forms. Jarring splits pressing against one another. Finding where one lies amongst two extremes, and the varying oscillations that follow. Working from both still images, video, imagination and playing with digital intervention.

Sidia Atabales-Schnitzler, Kingsize II, Chalk pastel on paper, 18 x 18 in., 2022

About the Artist

On her first day of preschool, Sidia Atabales-Schnitzler (b. 2001) made a dramatic scene. She didn’t want her mother to leave. Teachers comforted her by allowing her to paint. That began her artistic career. Now, as an adult and emerging artist in Toronto, Ontario, not much has changed. Sidia is a founding member of the international zine collective ‘The Pulp Machine’. Recent professional exhibitions and initiatives include; The Gladstone Hotel, Nuit Blanche, Dalek Gallery, ArtworxTO, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Scarborough Hero Awards at Toronto Zoo, John B Aird Gallery, Leslie Grove Gallery, Propeller Gallery, Fassie Express show at Centennial College. Sidia is a recent graduate of Centennial College’s Fine Arts Studio program, and was awarded the Peter Dickinson award for being a creative innovator.

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Image descriptions:
1. Four split drawings divided by a black line. Left: Ivory background with flat red lines and shapes on top. Underneath is a misty portrait of a girl from an overhead view. Right: Cropped chandelier. Below is a flat periwinkle square with yellow lines and shapes.
2. Ivory background with flat red shapes on top. In the center, linear shapes form an oval with a straight line in the middle. In the upper center of the oval, a smaller rectangle on top. Inside is an overview, wiped out portrait of a girl with roots of her hair present.