Shifting Articulations of Asian-ness in Contemporary Canada

June 25 – August 7, 2022
Online Exhibition

Come explore a recently opened online exhibit: Shifting Articulations of Asian-ness in Contemporary Canada

Produced by independent curator Yang Lim, this exhibition features works from 12 artists that demonstrate the persistence and resilience of Asian experiences.

Highlighting diverse perspectives within Canada’s Asian communities, this exhibition broadens the conversation around “Asian-ness” and complicates what it means to be part of Canada’s Asian diaspora today. It features twelve artists of Asian heritage whose works engage with intersecting narratives, communities, and discursive contexts that navigate the complexities of “Asian-ness” and Asian identities.

Some of these artists explore how specific objects and places can become infused with culturally specific meanings that bridge different generations and contribute to a sense of shared heritage. Other artists reveal how intangible things such as language, music, and memories can embody a collective experience or legacy, providing an anchor for redefining or reimagining what it means to belong to a specific community. Some works reshape understandings of “Asian-ness” that have become associated with specific objects and places. The creation of the works themselves becomes a means to make “Asian-ness” visible and to expose its absence in contexts that have rendered “Asian-ness” invisible.

This exhibition’s works demonstrate the persistence and resilience of Asian experiences that should be considered, in their own right, as meaningful and valuable for the people who belong to those communities.

Enjoy this online multimedia exhibit from June 25th to August 7th!

This exhibition is funded with support from the Edmonton Arts Council and the City of Edmonton.

Artist Discussion and Q&A Events
Want to learn more about this exhibition’s artists? On July 17th, you are invited to attend our conversations with the artists about their artistic practice and inspiration behind their works. Register here to confirm your spot in these free events.

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