Salon 44 Online 2024

Angela Lewis, Woman and the Wind, inkjet print, 2018

Salon 44 Online is Now Live!

March 7 – 16, 2024
Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, Online

Visit to view over 60 framed artworks, unframed prints, artist books and publications available for purchase online!

Representing the best in Canadian photography, Salon 44 brings together an incredible collection of established and emerging artists with works priced for both new and seasoned collectors alike. Salon 44 is co-chaired by Emilie Croning and Maegan Broadhurst.

Salon 44 will also include a publications section, including G44 publications and a curated selection of books and zines from the membership and friends of the gallery. Publication sales will support the Writer-in-Residence publication program and the facilities’ library.

Images (left to right): Bridget Moser, Tom Hsu, Jasmine Liaw, Hannah Doucet

​​Participating artists include:

Ademola Oladipo, Alex Kisilevich, Amber Helene Müller St. Thomas, Ananna Rafa, Andrew Donnelly, Angela Lewis, Anique Jordan, Bahar Kamali, Beau Gomez, Ben Dickey, Benjamin Freedman, Brendan George Ko, Bridget Moser, Caeden Wigston, Carmin Davidson, Caroline Mauxion, Camille Rojas, Christina Oyawale, Colin Miner, Cruz, Delali Cofie, Elise Rasmussen, Finn O’Hara, Ghislan Sutherland-Timm, Grace Wang, Hannah Somers, Hannah Doucet, Holly Chang, Jackson Klie, Jamie Campbell, Jasmine Liaw, Jessica Thalmann, Joel Rodriguez, John Delante, Joy Adeola, Julie Pasila, Karishma Pranjivan, L.M. Ramsey, Laura Honsberger, Laura Kay Keeling, Leila Fatemi, Liana Schmidt, Lucy Lu, Mike Goldby, Natalie Hunter, Nellie Jalalzadeh, Othello Grey, O’shane Howard, Sarah Martin, Sara Melvin, Sasha Chapman, Shebonti Khandaker, Soft Turns, Stephen Attong, Steven Beckly, Susy Oliveira, Theresa Ma, Tobi Asmoucha, Tom Hsu

With publications from:

Ashley Culver, Aleesa Cohene, Brendan George Ko, Christina Oyawale, Gerald Pisarzowski, Jeyolyn Christi, Lan “Florence” Yee, Letticia Cosbert Miller, Nic Wilson, Pengkuei Ben Huang, Sara Angelucci, Silverfish Magazine, Shannon Garden-Smith, Tommy Keith

Images (left to right): Delali Cofie, When Jacob Wrestled, 12×13 inch, inkjet print, 2023. Camille Rojas, On Fauxtography 1, 8×8 inch, inkjet print of 16mm film, 2024

Open Editions

We are delighted to present Salon 44’s Open Editions by artists Delali Cofie and Camille Rojas. The Open Edition is on sale now and will be available for purchase through March 18. To purchase the edition click here.

Delali Cofie is a Ghanaian-Nigerian photographer currently living in Toronto, Canada. Through storytelling he engages in multiple genres of photography such as fine art, documentary, and fashion. His personal work presents subtle beauty whilst exploring themes of family, self-formation and community. Frequently creating work between his native city Accra and current city Toronto, his work tells a tale of two cities, linked by a diasporic thread. His work has been exhibited in galleries across Ontario, namely Gallery 44 (2021) and Gallery 101 (2022). He is currently completing a BFA in Photography at OCAD University.

Camille Rojas (b. 1993 Toronto; lives and works in Toronto) is a multidisciplinary artist & artist-researcher working with film, photography and contemporary dance. Her work uses movement as the primary vehicle to dissect ideas and emotions. Recent interests include: Art world hysteria, self-care, astrology, whistleblowing, shit-disturbing, stock market drama and computer vision science. She holds a BFA in Photography Studies from Toronto Metropolitan University School of Image Arts.

Make a difference‍

Salon 44 is an essential fundraiser for Gallery 44. As a registered charity, supporters help us deliver vital exhibitions and educational programming, and provide affordable production facilities for artists. We are really proud to provide an open space for artists to experiment and take risks, and an approach to programming that encourages us all to look more critically at the world around us.

Specifically, proceeds from Salon 44 go towards our award-winning educational program OUTREACH, an initiative that provides underserved youth with opportunities to learn about the power of photography through hands-on workshops. Education program participants frequently return to work with us as mentors, which speaks to the importance of these programs in providing meaningful opportunities for emerging artists to grow.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors

Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography is an artist-run centre committed to supporting diverse approaches to photographic and image-based practices through exhibitions, education programs and facilitating artistic production. Gallery 44 provides space and context for meaningful dialogue between artists and publics. Together, we offer an entry point to explore the artistic, cultural, historic, social and political implications of the image in our ever-expanding visual world.

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