S. Maria Brandt: Prisons & Promises

S. Maria Brandt: Prisons & Promises

November 11 – December 17, 2023
SPAO Gallery, Ottawa

Opening Reception: Friday, November 24, 2023, 5 to 8 PM
The Vernissage is part of the OPEN HOUSE event at SPAO

A collection of photographs of a multi-year project, Prisons and Promises, will be showcased during the Artist in Residence Group Show, BENT, from November 11 to December 17, 2023, at the prestigious SPAO School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa. The Vernissage is on November 24, during SPAO’s Annual OPEN HOUSE event.

Prisons & Promises – A contemporary photographic meditation on the ordinary everyday: We see but don’t notice. The series Prisons and Promises, a long-term ongoing photo-based project, delves into profound themes of isolation, confinement, and unfulfilled expectations.

SPAO Gallery presents: BENT, a group exhibition featuring Canadian artists S. Maria Brandt, Ann Piche, Allison Morris and Naomi Kronen participants of the Artist Residency at The School of the Photograhic Arts: Ottawa in 2023.

Please join the artists for the opening reception on Friday, November 24, at 5 p.m. The artists will be in attendance. Live music by Rebecca Noelle, Print sale. Admission is free, paid street parking and parking lots nearby. The gallery is accessible.

Prisons and Promises – The Diptychs

The series Prisons and Promises, a long-term ongoing photo-based project, delves into profound themes of isolation, confinement, and unfulfilled expectations. As I, the newcomer, walk through the streets, I can’t help but notice the signs of wear and tear. The similarities in the design of correctional facilities and the architectural similarities to schools and other institutional buildings drew me in.

The images in the Prisons and Promises series explore the themes of confinement, decay, and the dichotomy between vibrant expression and restricted environments. They offer an invitation to reflect on the limitations imposed by societal structures and the potential for growth and renewal even within confining spaces. The juxtapositions in the series reflect the contrast between confinement and the allure of promises. At the same time, the starkness of the season further enhances the overall mood, emphasizing the isolation and quietude permeating the surroundings. The atmosphere is anticipation as if something significant is about to unfold.

About the Artist

S. Maria Brandt is a German-raised Croatian multidisciplinary artist working primarily lens-based in Ottawa, Canada. She uses alternative processes, digital photography, post-production, and sculpture.

Whether she visually processes food, people, random objects, or architecture, her works meditate on the perishable and the fears of aging and dying. She gains inspiration from her complex history, the driving force behind the connections she establishes to present events: waste, climate change, economic disruption, poverty, hunger, migration, and survival.

She studied photography at the School of The Photographic Arts: in Ottawa. Her work is held in public and private collections in Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Web: smariabrandt.com
Instagram: @smariabrandt.visual

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