Rylee Rumble: Achy Awfulness

if numb was a colour this is what it would be by Rylee Rumble

Rylee Rumble: Achy Awfulness

February 28 – May 2, 2024
Ascent Gallery, Toronto

Witness an artist’s journey of self-discovery and healing. In this solo exhibition by Rylee Rumble, colour is explored as a means of documenting the artist’s raw and vulnerable experiences with depression, anxiety and ADHD. Colour serves as a conduit for the artist’s memories, emotions and objects associated with her mental health journey; the same colour is layered until the artist achieves a sense of release and inner peace, resulting in a single uniform colour spread across the entire canvas. The titles of the artworks also play a pivotal role, providing insight into the significance of each colour, offering layers of meaning that extend beyond the layers of paint.

About the Artist
Rylee Rumble is a painter based in Brantford, Ontario. She obtained her BA in Studio Art and Art History at University of Guelph and MFA at Western University. Rumble views her art practice as a form of therapy, where she confronts uncomfortable and emotionally charged moments to reclaim control and establish a visual archive for these experiences.

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