Robin Pacific: Missing You


73 People Contemplate the World Without Them In It

“Missing You” art exhibit of videos and prints by Robin Pacific

October 25 – November 16, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday October 25, 6-9 PM

Charles Street Video
32 Lisgar Street Toronto, ON M6J 0C9

Exhibition hours:
Monday-Friday 10 AM – 5 PM
and two Saturdays: November 2 and 16, 1-5 PM

Artist Robin Pacific photographed 73 people, each in a special place that has meaning for them, and then photographed that place without them in it.

Each was asked a series of questions about their own death. Do you think about an afterlife? What do you want done with your mortal remains? Do you want some kind of ceremony? Are you afraid of dying? What do you hope your legacy will be? What music do want your mourners to hear?

No two people have the same vision of the afterlife – or lack of an afterlife. Each idea for a memorial and for a legacy is unique. Their words are funny and sad, honest and thought-provoking.

Visual artist and editor Dennis Day made a video of all 73 people, their thoughts about their demise, their images, the music they would like played at their funeral, and their world without them in it.

The words and images of eighteen participants are also printed on fabric, and there is a limited edition photography book of the entire project.

To see sample videos:

Robin Pacific is a Toronto multi-disciplinary artist featuring large scale community art projects. Her work can be seen at

Contact: Robin Pacific
1 416 994 9980