Richmond Hill Public Library Artist in Residence

Richmond Hill Public Library
Artist in Residence

Residency period: October 21 – November 30, 2019

Richmond Hill Public Library (RHPL) invites professional visual artists to share their skills and artistic vision with the Richmond Hill community. The RHPL Artist in Residence will participate in 6 events (including 4 group workshops). RHPL will provide the total sum of $2,000 for the residency period, including artist fees, travel expenses, all materials, and any other project expenses incurred by the applicant.

The Artist in Residence program will:

  • Create new work opportunities for artists
  • Create collaborative opportunities for artists and the Library
  • Examine the role that public libraries can play in the artistic process
  • Feature resources and venues provided by Richmond Hill Public Library
  • Create a vibrant new space for artmaking in Richmond Hill by having workshops, displays, and other art activities
  • Develop group workshops for adults, resulting in a coordinated exhibition of pieces by workshop participants
  • Connect with the community to co-create new programming

Apply by June 28, 2019. Full application guidelines are available at For more information, email