Request for Qualifications: Youth Space Mural Project, Brantford Public Library

Brantford Public Library Mural Project

The Brantford Public Library (BPL) invites muralists to submit their credentials, examples of prior experience and a design proposal for the development and execution of an interactive indoor mural, as part of the Library’s Youth Area project.


  • Available space: (15 ft + 5 ft wide) x 10 ft high = up to 100 square feet (proposal does not need to use full space).
  • Located on the western wall as you enter the building through Colborne entrance. The space directly in front the of the mural is being converted into a public space for youth ages 13 to 18.
  • Walls will be stripped of all elements (i.e. base boards) and painted white.
  • Budget: $10,000

Overview and Design Parameters

BPL prides itself in being a lifelong learning institution where children start their learning journey and grow into curious and creative youth. In 2023, the Library conducted research to inform the design of a new Youth space at the Main Branch (173 Colborne St). The space is intended to create a welcoming space for youth to hangout.

The artwork must include all of the below themes and elements. The artist will determine how to incorporate the themes and elements into the artwork.

  • Everyone is Welcome – A theme that came through youth feedback is the desire for a space where everyone is welcome and accepted for who they are. Youth want to feel as if they belong.
  • Appeal to Youth – The mural should appeal to you ages 13-18. Artwork should not be juvenile. It should also appeal somewhat to the general public, as it will be visible by all who enter through the main entrance.
  • Love of Reading and Stories Leading to Curiosity, Discovery, Imagination – Part of the funds for the artwork and the youth space come from loved ones of late Library Board member, Caroline Freibauer. This installation will serve as a commemorative piece that honours her advocacy for youth and passion for literacy and education. In particular, Alice in Wonderland/The Looking Glass, and how the stories inspire one’s curiosity to keep discovering, imagining, and playing throughout life. The artwork should capture the fact that books and stories can lead to so much more. For further inspiration relating to the commemorative aspect of this project, see some of Caroline’s own words that capture her drive for continuous learning, discovery and growth.
  • Interactive Element – This element should allow participation from multiple users at the same time and work without significantly altering the site. Any protruding pieces should not impede accessibility and movement through the area.

The artwork must adhere to the following design parameters:

  • be an indoor mural installation, suitable for exhibition in a public space
  • be appropriate for the site in scale, execution, materials and creativity
  • must not promote violence, hatred or contempt against any group on the basis of colour, race, ancestry, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, language or disability
  • must not promote particular religious or partisan political views
  • must not include business names/logos, branded tags, acronyms, or any commercial advertising

Throughout the project, the Library’s spaces must remain open. The space surrounding the site may be roped off. Space will be provided for storing materials and equipment throughout the project. The artist is responsible for all project costs including travel, materials, and equipment. The site is accessible.


The anticipated schedule for selection of an artist/artist collective and completion of the project:

  • Submission deadline – Sunday, November 26, 2023 (11:59 pm)
  • Final selection – Week of December 18, 2023
  • Design development/production/fabrication – Beginning January 2024
  • Installation Complete – February 2024

The Library reserves the right to modify these dates as required.


Successful applicants must demonstrate the professional capacity to oversee the design, implementation and production of a mural project. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older.

Selection Process

A jury selected by BPL will review all applications submitted. Library staff are involved as non-voting members.

Assessment is based on qualifications, experience, and proposed artwork, using the following criteria:

  • Letter of Intent (10%) – Artist’s vision, approach and insight is appropriate for the project.
  • Artist qualifications (25%) – Professional experience demonstrates ability to execute this project within budget and deadline.
  • Artistic excellence (25%) – Examples of Artist’s past work reflect relevance, originality and skilled technique.
  • Proposed artwork (40%) – Themes are recognizable and youth-friendly. Artwork is original, relevant and appropriate for the space, has an interactive element, and will have a lasting impact with little maintenance.

Submission Requirements

Brantford Public Library will only accept electronically submitted applications formatted as a single PDF to Incomplete applications or those received after the deadline will not be accepted. Deadline to apply is Sunday, November 26, 2023 at 11:59 pm.

Submission must be sent in a single PDF and contain:

  1. Letter of intent (1 page maximum, 12 point font, single spaced), please include:
    ◦  artistic approach and vision for this project
    ◦  your interpretation of the themes and how you plan to incorporate them
    ◦  outline of experience creating public art for youth ages 13-18
    ◦  confirmation of your availability to undertake this project within specified timeline
  2. Resume/Curriculum vitae for each person who will be part of the project (3-page maximum per CV, 12-point font, single spaced)
  3. Visual images and documentation list (3 minimum/10 maximum): Digital images of past work demonstrating qualifications for this project. At least 2 of these images should be of similar scale and scope to the artwork being proposed. To include: documentation list to support visual images; title of work, medium, approx. dimensions, budget, location and date; contact information for 3 references.
  4. Visual images of proposed artwork: Digital images that show the artwork you intend to produce. Description of materials and equipment to be used, as well as any impact on site(s) and surrounding area during and after project completion. Include digital images or diagrams clearly demonstrating interactivity and thorough explanation of interactive element(s) and additional requirements for interactivity.


Zile Ozols – Manager, Programming and Partnerships
Brantford Public Library
519-756-2220 x. 3314