Request for Proposals: Public Artwork for the new façade of 610 Bay Street for Toronto Paramedic Services

Rendering of 610 Bay Street care of uoai architects.

Artist’s Fee: $20,000.00 (+HST) CDN
Deadline for Submissions: Thursday July 30, 2022.

The City of Toronto invites professional artists to submit proposals for a public artwork as part of the renovation of 610 Bay Street. The heritage building and former Bus Terminal will be repurposed as an interim Paramedic Services Station.

The building renovation scope includes: conversion of the existing bus bays garage into ambulance bays garage; renovation of the 2-storey Dispatch building at Edward and Elizabeth Street into staff areas; and renovation of select interior areas within the historic bus terminal building into staff areas. Heritage details of the existing building, including the facades, pillars and canopies, will be kept intact.

The existing open bus bays facing Edward Street to the north and Elizabeth Street to the west will be infilled with new metal wall panels in order to create a secure and enclosed garage environment for paramedic vehicular parking.

As an upcoming development will likely change the function of the site, the artwork will be installed for a temporary period of approximately 5 – 10 years, though the piece may have the potential to be adapted to future locations.

This project is a collaboration between the City’s Economic Development & Culture Division, Paramedic Services, uoai architects, and a general contractor with the aim of completion by December 2022.


The experience of this new public infrastructure will be enhanced by a project by a professional visual artist or an artist-led team, selected through an open competition. The budget of $20,000.00 (+HST) artist fee is for design and consultation services (including contract administration, travel and other incidental expenses) for the duration of the project. Fabrication, printing, installation and other costs related to installation will be the responsibility of the general contractor.

The artwork will be installed along Edward Street, and potentially Elizabeth Street, integrated into the new raw black metal panels of particular bus bays, specifically: 5 existing bus bays facing Edward Street; and, 1 existing bus bay facing Elizabeth Street. The selected artist or artist-led team will be responsible for providing digital files of their work to the metal fabricator and overseeing production quality. This work is intended to take place between September and October 2022.

Graphic concept design:

The intent of this call is to have interested artists develop a graphic concept design for the project. Artists are welcome to submit preliminary ideas on potential technical methodologies, though this is not a requirement. The final technical requirements for the artwork, including how it will be integrated into the metal panel work, will be determined by the selected artist in consultation with the architect and selected metal fabricator.

The artwork could be one continuous design that spans all five existing bays along Edward Street, or could be five complementary designs, one design per bay. Additional concept information can be found on the City of Toronto’s Public Art Competitions Page.

Applicants may consider one or more of the following themes in their submission: the heritage of the building (please contact for the reference documents); the history of the surrounding neighbourhood or land; and the function/use of the past or future building.

Preliminary technical requirements:

The artwork is primarily intended to be integrated into the raw black metal panels through a pattern of perforations. Some considerations related to potential methods include, but are not limited to:


  • image will likely not include colour
  • artwork could be illuminated by lighting on the interior of the building, creating an external glow.
  • appropriate perforation size(s) (s.a. 1/2” diameter) and distance between perforations to be determined
  • final artwork format (s.a. digital half-tone image) to be determined

Other methods may be explored with the architect and selected metal fabricator such as etching / machining / CNC / surface-treatment.

In all cases, the commissioned artist will work closely with the City’s Economic Development & Culture Division, Paramedic Services, uoai architects, the metal fabricator and other partners to develop and complete the project.


This is a one-stage, open, international competition for professional artists (per the Canada Council’s guidelines).

Professional artists are invited to submit proposals to be reviewed by the Selection Panel. Proposals will be reviewed by City staff for eligibility and will be presented anonymously to the Selection Panel. The Panel will select one (1) proposal to be executed, based on artistic excellence and the proposal’s suitability to the overall design scheme and context.

The contract will be awarded in September 2022.


Submissions must be received by 4:00 PM, Thursday July 30, 2022.

The City of Toronto invites local, national and international artists to respond to this RFP by submitting two (2) files in pdf form:

File 1:
This document must be labeled with the name of the artist or artist-led team and include:

  • CV (one for each team member, if applicable)

File 2:
This document must not include the artist’s name (as this file will be shared with the selection panel), and include:

  • Title and description of the proposal concept (1 page).
  • Proposal image(s), showing the proposed artwork on the design drawings provided (PDF format), as well as details of the artwork as necessary.

Interested artists should contact Katriina Campitelli (she/her), Public Art Officer at for the artwork templates and reference documents.

Email submissions to:

  • Please use subject line: [last name], [first name]_610Bay
  • Submissions must not exceed 10 MB total size
  • Files must be .pdf and must not be compressed.

Incomplete submissions will be subject to disqualification. All applicants will receive notification of the outcome of the competition within 8 weeks of closing.

Questions can be addressed to Katriina Campitelli (she/her), Public Art Officer at