Request for Proposals: Public Art Plan for Stratford City Centre BIA

This RFP is for services of a Public Art Plan for the Stratford City Centre BIA

RFP Posted: March 18th, 2022
Responses Due: April 4th, 2022 @ 5 PM

Send any questions on the RFP to:
Rebecca Scott, General Manager

Email proposals to:

Goal for Public Art Plan to be implemented by August 1st, 2022
Budget: $18,000 to $25,000 (HST inclusive)


The Stratford City Centre BIA (Business Improvement Area) is searching for a consultant or consulting agency to help develop a Public Art Plan.


The SCC BIA would like to have the Public Art Plan in place by August 1st, 2022
The SCC BIA reserves the right to extend this timeline where and when necessary, but will strive to adhere to the following:

  1. Issue Request for Proposal: March 18th
  2. Deadline to Receive Proposals: April 4th, 2022
  3. Beautification Sub-Committee Reviews and Selects Candidates April 11-15th
  4. Awarding of Proposal: April 18th


The Stratford City Centre Business Improvement Area is Stratford, Ontario’s only Business Improvement Area (SCC BIA).

The SCC BIA is a not-for-profit community-based City of Stratford agency, established in 1974. It is governed by a board of directors and supported by 3 staff members. Its purpose is to support main street businesses and property owners. The key objectives of the SCC BIA are the maintenance and beautification of the streetscape; creating and supporting community events/projects that promote the area; and encouraging residents and visitors to eat, shop, utilize services and explore the downtown core.

The SCC BIA supports and advocates on behalf of its members through the building and nurturing of strong relationships and partnerships across the City.


The Stratford City Centre BIA recognizes the role of public art in the beautification and enjoyment of public spaces. The development of a public art plan should reflect on the history and future of the Stratford community, in an engaging and thought-provoking way, to enliven the experience of the downtown area for both residents and visitors.

The Stratford City Centre BIA seeks an innovative and creative consultant / consultant group to develop a Public Art Plan.

The goal is that this Public Art Plan will outline opportunities and commitments to ensure that the benefits of public art are felt in downtown Stratford and will harness the potential of public art to advance broader municipal priorities, such as equity and inclusion, environmental resilience, reconciliation with Indigenous communities, and placemaking, among others. With a deliberate, ambitious vision, facilitated by collaboration between like-minded community/ municipal stakeholder groups, Stratford can be a leader in public art.

The Stratford City Centre is looking for the consultant(s) to develop a Public Art Plan that includes an Exploratory Site Visit and Customized Public Art Recommendations.

Through this process, the consultant(s) will present a proposal with recommendations for public art, citing specific locations and approaches.

Within those approaches the Stratford City Centre BIA would like to work with the consultant(s) to develop stakeholder relationships, establish best practices and protocols, and develop templates for contracts for artists and project partners.

Development of a Public Art Plan will include the creation of aesthetic and thematic guidelines, processes for public art selection and approval, artist recruitment and call for submission.

The Public Art Plan will include the development of framework for ongoing community engagement.

The consultant(s) will set up a system for collecting site permissions and permits, establish guidelines for project management, advise on public art asset management and maintenance.

The consultant(s) will also support the SCC BIA in creating a communications strategy specific to documentation and storytelling around public art.


At a minimum, proposals should include the following:

  1. Project development timelines
  2. A description of the project team
  3. Cost estimates, including a breakdown of project, hourly, and per diem fees
  4. A payment schedule based on specific deliverables and/or milestones
  5. Descriptions of comparable projects you have been involved with. Please include URLs/examples or project presentation deck
  6. Client references from similar projects
  7. A summary of your process for development, including anticipated involvement and time requirements on SCC BIA staff

If you have any questions you would like answered before developing the proposal, please contact Rebecca Scott, General Manager, SCC BIA


The main contact at the Stratford City Centre BIA will be Rebecca Scott, General Manager. The proposals will be reviewed by the Beautification Sub-Committee and a recommendation will be made to the Board of Directors. Depending on the proposals that are received, the SCC BIA may request a meeting to aid in the selection process. Upon selection, the agency will work primarily with the General Manager.


Consultants will fully describe their proposed fee structure. Consultants must clearly quote any additional charges that may be applicable that have not already been addressed in their Proposal.

The fee shall include HST as a separate line item. Also, include a list of chargeable disbursements, with unit costs and an estimate of their total cost.

As an alternative, applicants may suggest that disbursements be paid as a percentage of the total fee (excluding HST), in which case the percentage must be identified, as well as the extent of disbursements covered by such percentage.


We recognize that the SCC BIA team will play a significant part in the efficient and successful development and implementation of a Public Art Plan. We acknowledge that certain elements of the project will be the responsibility of the SCC BIA such as engaging individuals in our community for the purpose of consultation as well as working closely with members of the consultants’ team.

Please communicate these and/or other specific responsibilities and expectations so we can prepare accordingly.


The Stratford City Centre Business Improvement Area will use the following criteria to select the appropriate developer:

  1. Demonstrated knowledge of public art, placemaking, tourism, and experience creating Public Art Plans
  2. Experience working with artists, landscape architects, architects and the community
  3. Demonstrated experience working with a BIA, municipal government, and community stakeholders
  4. Innovation and Creativity
  5. Efficiency of approach with demonstrated ability to meet timelines
  6. Awareness of / or connection to Stratford/Region an asset
  7. References
  8. Cost


Proposal due April 4th, 2022 @ 5PM emailing