Request for Information: Design and Development of a Website and Digital Systems, Ontario Museum Association (OMA)

Founded in 1972, the Ontario Museum Association (OMA) is a non-profit professional association for the more than 700 museums, galleries and heritage sites; 11,000 museum professionals, and 37,000 museum volunteers across the province of Ontario. The OMA leads the sector as an Advocate, Thought Leader, Professional Body, and Convenor.

The OMA has outgrown the functionality of its current professional and public websites, and This Request for Information (RFI) has been initiated by the OMA for the purposes of gathering information for the design and development of a website and digital systems.

As part of an overall digital transformation for the Association, the OMA has identified a digital strategy for a new, federated model of digital services and website intended to create a seamless member experience, to build OMA capacity, and to integrate several services to facilitate data flow between different component parts of the system in a more flexible and effective way. The federated model will bring together components including a customer relationship management (CRM)/Association Member Management System, Content Management System (CMS), Learning Management System (LMS) to update association and member database, events & registration, transaction capabilities (ecommerce), resources section, and connection to OMA communications platforms.

This RFI is an open invitation to experienced providers. The requirements stated in this RFI are as envisioned by the OMA at the time of writing; these may change or be redefined during the evaluation and negotiation process.

The complete Request for Information can be viewed on our website.

Information submissions should be complete and demonstrate that the provider can perform professional work. You are welcome to provide any other information deemed appropriate for this project. Your information will be reviewed by an OMA project team including staff and volunteers.

Please forward one electronic copy of your response to the attention of Marie Lalonde, Executive Director at the Ontario Museum Association, at The submitted information will only be accepted by the OMA if received at the specified email address as indicated above, on or before the Closing Deadline of May 5, 2022, 5pm ET.

Questions should be directed by email to the attention of Marie Lalonde, Executive Director at

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