Request for Expressions of Interest: Civic Square Renewal Public Art Plan, Burlington

Request for Expressions of Interest
Integrated Public Art Plan (Phase 1)
Civic Square Renewal, Burlington, Ontario

Deadline: Friday, February 2, 2024

Phase 1 Budget: $20,000
Phase 2 Budget: $150,000

The City of Burlington invites professional artists and artist-led teams to submit credentials and expressions of interest to create a Public Art Plan for the Civic Square Renewal project. The City of Burlington will be refreshing the area surrounding City Hall. This includes Civic Square, City Hall’s Brant Street entrance and facade and the streetscapes of Brant Street and Elgin Street in the immediate area.

Scope of Work: Phase 1 (Public Art Plan)

The selected artist(s) will work directly with the City’s design and architecture teams to develop a Public Art Plan for integrated, permanent public artwork(s) to be installed in Civic Square.

Key Deliverables (Phase 1)
Key deliverables include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Attend approximately 8-10 project meetings (scheduled between May –December 2024).
  • Review background materials, public consultation results and preferred Civic Square design concept drawings and reports.
  • Prepare a draft Public Art Plan outlining options for public art and conceptual approach to the project. Present the draft plan to the Civic Square team for feedback. Revise draft based on provided feedback.
  • Prepare and present a final Public Art Plan with finalized design details including artwork design renderings, materials list, timeline, budget, proposed subcontractors (if applicable), etc. The artist is not expected to provide engineer/shop drawings at this stage.
  • The artist is not expected to supply any fabrication or installation services during Phase 1 of the project. A separate contract will be issued for Phase 2 (Artwork Fabrication and Installation).
  • Provide ongoing project documentation and reports as required.
  • Meet with Civic Square design team for review and approval of final design concept(s).

Please note, Phase 1 of this project is for a Public Art Plan (preliminary design concept) only and does not include the engineering, fabrication, or installation of the artwork. The selected artist will prepare a Public Art Plan that identifies opportunities for integrated public art projects. This could include stand-alone artwork, functional artwork (i.e., seating, shade structures, etc.), surface treatments, etc. as well as helping to identify additional opportunities for temporary artwork and/or placemaking initiatives. Once the Public Art Plan has been approved, the artist will be expected to provide preliminary renderings of the approved public art project(s) and integrations.

The selected artist will be issued a separate contract for Phase 2 of the project (Artwork Fabrication and Installation). The approximate public art budget for Phase 2 is $150,000 (excluding below-grade foundations). Budget allocations will be determined according to the scope of work that is approved in Phase 1. It is anticipated that the artwork will be unveiled in the Summer/Fall of 2026.

How to Apply

Applications may be submitted online and must include the following:

1. Expression of Interest Statement – 2 pages maximum
Describe your interest in the project as it relates to the artwork goals and objectives outlined in this application package. A strong desire to work in a collaborative environment will be critical to this project. Please include the following information:

  • Your approach to creating artwork for the public realm
  • Your skills and experience working with interdisciplinary teams
  • How the goals of this project align with your artistic practice

2. Curriculum Vitae – 5 pages maximum
Outline your recent qualifications and artistic activities.

3. Artwork Samples – maximum of 10
Maximum of 10 samples of recent, relevant work. This can include photos, time-based media and/or brief written samples.

  • Images should be submitted as jpegs, suitable for viewing on screens.
  • Time-based media (i.e., audio, video, web-based, etc.) should be limited to a maximum of 1 minute per sample.
  • Written materials should be limited to a maximum of 1 page per sample, no more than 3 pages total should be submitted.

4. Documentation List – 1 page maximum
Please provide a brief description of the support materials submitted. For the following items, please include:

  • Digital images: year, title of work, medium, dimensions, location, and budget (if applicable).
  • Video / Audio: year, title, production credits and budget (if applicable).

5. References – 2 references
Name, phone number and email for 2 references that have been directly involved with your artistic practice and/or past public art projects.

To learn more and access the online application visit:

For More Information
Kim Selman
Arts and Culture Planner
Recreation, Community and Culture
T: 905-515-9334