(Re)Making Chineseness: Reflections on Cultural Heritage

Featuring photographic work by Lucy Lu and Melanie Choi

April 23 – May 29, 2022
Online Exhibition

Lucy Lu, Above My Great Aunt’s Bed (2019), photography, 16.5×12.5”

Come explore a recently opened online exhibit: (Re)Making Chineseness: Reflections on Cultural Heritage.

Produced by independent curator Yang Lim, this exhibition features photographic work by Lucy Lu and Melanie Choi, artists of Chinese descent who are based in Canada.

Historically, the genre of photography has been regarded as an “objective” medium that can accurately portray “reality” and “truth.” However, in recent decades the biases that underpin this medium’s evolution have been exposed and challenged. Artists have also appropriated this genre as an empowering vehicle for self-representation and the reshaping of predominant perspectives and representations about their cultural communities.

Melanie Choi, Untitled (2019), Photography, Part of Blanket Fort series,

Drawing upon their personal perspectives, stories, and experiences, the works of Lucy Lu and Melanie Choi both explore how contemporary understandings of Chineseness in Canada are shaped by a complex confluence of discourses around cultural heritage, memory, migration, and place, which are themselves augmented by the geographical spaces in which they circulate.

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