Rahna Moreau: Dishes to Ashes

Suicide and its Aftermath

Dishes to Ashes
Suicide and its Aftermath

An art installation by Rahna Moreau

Exhibition Dates:
April 24 – May 18
Wednesday – Saturday 1:00-5:00 pm

Friday May 3rd, 6:00-8:00 pm

401 Richmond St W, Ste 277
(Le Labo)

About Dishes to Ashes:
On May 9, 2001 artist Rahna Moreau’s sister died by suicide. Soon to turn fifty, her sister wrote of pain and putting an end to her suffering. She also expressed regret.

In an earlier installation and performance, Rahna broke most of the family china she inherited. You can view that work at: www.disheswillbebroken.com

This second installation uses fragments of that china to represent the broken lives and the aftermath of suicide.

Dishes to Ashes is a representation of Rahna’s never-ending grief and her compassion for those who have died by suicide as well as those touched by suicide.

This installation is part of an ongoing project.

Le Labo is located in studio 277 on the second floor of the 401 Richmond Building. The 401 Richmond building and Le Labo are barrier free venues.

For more information, contact: rahnamoreau@gmail.com