PROTOHYVE: Symposium on Research-Creation

Ashley Snook, A Body Within a Body Within a Body, Score by Kierscey Rand and voice narration by Michelle Wilson, 3-channel video installation with wax skulls and scent (pine, cypress, eucalyptus), 7:41:19, 2021-2022.

PROTOHYVE: Centre for Innovative Research-Creation in so called Canada is hosting our inaugural research symposium on April 1 – 2 2023 at Carleton University

The two-day hybrid event will consist of 4 round table discussions, catered lunches, and a group exhibition curated by PROTOHYVE at Gallery 101 in Ottawa. The symposium is free and open to students, faculty, staff, curators, artists, and art professionals across so called Canada.

Discussions will include research-creation and ethics; student support, curriculum, and supervision; funding; and “research-(care)ation” and working within institutions.

The roundtable discussions will be facilitated in person at Carleton University and live streamed via Zoom.

Registration for the event is free but required. You may register for the event here:

We are happy to work alongside Gallery 101 to curate an exhibition on research-creation titled “hyphen (-)” that showcases and celebrates the research-creation work of artists across so-called Canada.


Pansee Atta, Earthenware. Animation. 1920 x 1080. 13:30.

hyphen (-)

2 – 29 April 2023
Gallery 101, 280 Catherine Street, Ottawa, ON

Afuwa, Pansee Atta, Alejandro Arauz, Sojung Bahng, Emily Pelstring, Véronique Rousseau, Ashley Snook, Manuel Axel Strain, & Donna Szoke

Curated by Fara

Like two stars connected by an invisible line to form a constellation, the hyphen in research-creation is a space for wonder, conflict, experimentation, and immense possibilities. More importantly, research-creation generates potentials for new ways of thinking, engaging, and understanding the world. Perhaps most notable is its ability to care-fully interrogate and challenge institutions and western ways of knowing, through feminist, anti-colonial, and queer interventions of knowledge production. This exhibition is a practice of “research-(care)ation”, and highlights how artistic research may act as an antidote for our current world. Bringing together a constellation of research-creationists from across so called Canada, hyphen (-) celebrates the timely creatively and scholarly work being created by artists today.

hyphen (-) is created alongside the PROTOHYVE Symposium for Research-Creation at Carleton University, on traditional, unceded territories of the Algonquin nation.

This exhibition is funded and supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Carleton University, PROTOHYVE Centre for Innovative Research-Creation, and Gallery 101.


Inspired by a series of Research-Creation roundtables at the University Art Association of Canada (UAAC) PROTOHYVE seeks to create a constellation of artists, curators, scholars, and professionals to share resources across so called Canada. Research-creationists who have attended UAAC Research-Creation Caucus Roundtables have outlined a lack of consistent guidelines for graduate student project assessment; a lack of exhibition space; limited access to research journals and publication opportunities; misunderstandings of research-creation as a methodology from supervisors and colleagues; limited funding opportunities; no training frameworks for undergraduate students practicing research-creation; limited supervision by faculty with experience in research-creation, and minimal examples and support for artist-scholars seeking research ethics board approval. The Research-Creation Caucus roundtables have cultivated and nurtured numerous perspectives and ideas. One of the most urgent demands from participants is the need to share expertise, resources, and facilitate consistent conversations with artist-researchers across institutions.

PROTOHYVE seeks to create a constellation of artists, curators, scholars, and professionals to generate new ways of understanding and framing research-creation in so called Canada. PROTOHYVE is a resource-based centre for research, that invites collaboration between research-creationists and labs across Turtle Island to share ideas, successes, challenges, artwork, and resources.


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located on the traditional, unceded territories of the Algonquin nation.

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