Propeller Art Gallery Online Exhibitions, Summer 2020


Upcoming Propeller Art Gallery Online Exhibitions


A Juried online Exhibition featuring work by 45 graduating students from OCAD U Contemporary Drawing and Painting.

Opening Online Saturday, June 20, 2020 @

OCAD U Drawing & Painting GradEx 105 is an online collaborative juried exhibition featuring a wide range of works from the 2020 graduating Drawing and Painting students. Launching our first online exhibition with OCAD U seems apropos at this time considering that Propeller was founded in 1996 by a group of recent grads from OCA to seek public exhibition opportunities in Toronto. Students works will be available for sale online.

Exhibiting Artists: Kelly Anne Besmonte, Christie Carriere, Tristan Coloma, Jazmin Cordon-Ibanez, Tania Costa, Paige Dawdy, Callie DeWees, Zoe Eisenstat, Kayla Ferreira, Sadaf Ganjavi, Emily Gillies, Aynsley Grealis, Emily Grybas, Emily Hwang, Blair Immink, Sarah Jefferies, Heejae Jo, Suhani Karani, Jina Kim, Ester (Do Yeon) Kim, Francisco Lethbridge, Zhuangyuan lin, Clara Lynas, Claudia Menecola, Anna Min, Jordan Monck, Behrad Motekallem, Parvathy (Par) Nair, ehiko odeh, Neil Padaloy, Kais Padamshi, Kristin Palombo, Leah Probst, Alysha Rocca, Madelyn Rotella, Madison Rudin, Kathleen Rumney, Jim Russell, Sam Serrano, Maya Skarzynski, Chelsea Smith, Kaile Ward, Ani Armani Yaghubian, Sarah Zoccano, and Emily Zou.

Emerging Artist Awards will be given to a group of artists from GradEx 105 who will have the opportunity to exhibit their work in a future exhibition at Propeller. Tentatively scheduled for January 2021. Winners to be announced June 20th, during the opening night of the show!

The Drawing & Painting GradEx 105 exhibition was curated by Propeller Members: Lisa Johnson AOCA, Joseph Muscat AOCA OSA and Frances Patella BFA, B.ED



Opening Online July 25, 2020

Submission Form

In honour of all Propeller members over the past 25 years we are reaching out to past and current Members to participate in a virtual exhibition showcasing their artworks in any medium.

The show will be featured exclusively online starting July 25, 2020, with a free submission deadline of June 15th, 2020.

We are calling on all Alumni and current Members to submit up to 3 artwork images through our online submission form, shown below. Propeller Gallery will make the final selection on the number of works to be included. Works can be for sale or not for sale (NFS). The online show will be promoted widely on social media.

We will also offer the opportunity for you to sell your work with a modest commission of 25%. If you are in a position to contribute a higher percentage to Propeller’s ongoing fundraising efforts, we would be most grateful, but this is completely at your discretion.

This special, year-long show will remain active until our official anniversary in 2021; however, the content will be continuously evolving. And so, over the course of the show, we will also be featuring PAG archival material — old show invitations; photos of openings, installations, events and people. Our plan is to expand the content with the addition of artists talks, video commentary, text, sound bytes and other extras. We will also create an e-book as a permanent record of the show that will be available for viewing and download.

It would be tremendously exciting if all previous and current members of Propeller participated in this exhibition in celebration of all who have played a part in our collective history over the course of 25 years.


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