Prologue: 2023 University of Toronto Scarborough Studio Art Graduating Exhibition

2023 University of Toronto Scarborough Studio Art Graduating Exhibition

Doris McCarthy Gallery
University of Toronto Scarborough
1265 Military Trail, Toronto, ON, M1C 1A4

April 15 – April 20, 2023

Opening reception: Friday, April 14, 5 pm – 8 pm
5-minute artist talks starting at 5:40 pm, 6:15 pm and 7:00 pm with Neville Avila, Gregory Quinn-Benoit, Sharyn Goncalves, Chloena Kouyoumdjian, Christiana Ceesay, and Myuri Srikugan. Moderated by Sandy Saad-Smith, Curator, Doris McCarthy Gallery; Marla Hlady, Studio Art Professor; and Will Kwan, Studio Art Professor

Artworks by: Neville Avila, Cynthia Bao, Gregory Quinn-Benoit, Cai Xinyi, Christiana Ceesay, Dubu, Keita Fujiyama, Sharyn Goncalves, Chloena Kouyoumdjian, Erin Lam, Joyce Law, Li Yifan, Liu Xiaozi, Qin Yiyun, Audrey Shen, Myuri Srikugan, Sun Fan, Sun Qin Zheng, Tang Kun Peng, Nicole Tang, Teng Jing, Tiger Wang Kunyuan, Lemon Wong, Wu Siying, Yin Letian, Zhang Luyan, Zhang Xiaoyu, Zhao Yuwei, Jay Zhou Zhehan

Faculty mentors: Marla Hlady and Will Kwan

The Department of Arts, Culture, and Media at the University of Toronto Scarborough is pleased to present Prologue, an exhibition and publication featuring works by graduating students in the Studio Art program. The prologue is a liminal zone, a space where context is established, history is reckoned with, character is developed, but also where we are offered a glimpse of a world to come. The 40 artworks in Prologue excavate different points in this temporal continuum, from poignant engagements with the past through personal history and memory, to sober assessments of current technological, social, and ecological conditions, to hopeful, forward-looking imaginings of recuperation, sanctuary, and survival.

The Studio Art program in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media (ACM) at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) offers courses in a wide range of established and emerging artistic media. Our students learn to utilize artistic knowledge as unique problem-solving tools to engage social, political, and ecological challenges locally and globally. The artistic experiences offered by the UTSC Studio Art program provides a rigorous visual art education for students interested in careers in the cultural and design sectors as well as for students intending on pursuing advanced study in art and the humanities at the graduate level.

The Department of Arts, Culture and Media is a unique multi-disciplinary research and teaching environment at UTSC with programs in Art History and Visual Culture; Arts and Media Management; Journalism; Media, Journalism and Digital Cultures; New Media Studies; Music and Culture; Studio Art; and Theatre and Performance.

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