Project 31: New Futures


Support BIPOC artists at OCAD U’s silent auction – on now!

Project 31: New Futures is a unique and immersive online silent auction and a virtual auction presenting a unique collection of work by Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) artists and designers from the OCAD University community. The online silent auction is now online! Bid on work with starting values as low as $150.

Supported by OCAD U faculty and staff, this world-class collection will feature 50 lots. Pieces will be sold in a Silent Auction from June 16 to 30 and selected pieces will be sold during a Live Auction Event on June 24. All funds raised from both the silent and live auctions will support our BIPOC students as well as academic programming.

Pre-register today for the live auction event (it’s free)!

This amazing collection includes works from Kevin Bae; Jason Baerg; Anthia Barboutsis; Michael Belmore; Nathan Eugene Carson; Shea Chang; Kestin Cornwall; Vanessa Dion Fletcher; Yining Fu; Sugandha Gaur; Astrid Ho; Andre Kan; Natalie King; Kotoba Jewellery; Surendra Lawoti; JJ Lee; Julius Poncelet Manapul; Ashok Mathur and Soleil Launière; Michael Lee Poy; Shevon J. Lewis; Aaron Li-Hill; Charmaine Lurch; Sanaz Mazinani; Anna Jane McIntyre; Isabel Meirelles; Peter Morin and Ayumi Goto; Kathy Moscou; Nithikul Nimkulrat; Emma Nishimura; Eugene Paunil; Abigail Permell; Lilian Sim; Dionne Simpson; Moraa Elizabeth Stump; Gary Taxali; Yaw Tony; Annie Tung; Natalie Majaba Waldburger; Alia Weston Jewellery; Amy Wong; X Height Media; and Shaheer Zazai.


Looper by Andre Kan. 16” x 20”. Aerosol on panel. Starting bid $250. Estimated value $800.

“Enlivened by his interest in spacial structures and interconnectivity, Andre Kan’s paintings serve as excitable blueprints for a possible reality. Each work depicts the artists’ signature imaginative building blocks that converge and begin to build upon each other and strengthening each other towards an ever transforming space. Kan’s structures are substantial and complex but not yet anchored – they float suspended in his psychological space. In this way Kan’s buildings remain a playful proposition for the viewer not yet tied to a specific place or function. With his dynamic formations, Kan propels us towards an ever optimistic future where new connections and constructions have yet to materialize.”


Edge by Aaron Li-Hill. 63” x 51”. Aerosol and acrylic on canvas. Starting bid $1,500. Estimated value $5,000.

“Li-Hill’s work attempts to decipher the complexities of the rapid development in our modern age. Through the western gaze Li-Hill points to the devastating effects of capitalist culture on the individual psyche, his work serves as a template for the ramifications felt on a global scale. The work mirrors the perception of the westerner attempting to comprehend, disentangle and redress. Born out of suppression, it becomes a manifestation portraying the skewed image of the imprint our culture has globally. To create these complex images, Li-Hill blurs the lines between graffiti, graphic design, painting and drawing to disrupt the concepts of what is considered high and low-brow art. Through the storm of imagery and density there is also a beauty that surfaces from this fragile balance. Inspired by the precariousness of the work on the street, ephemerality is injected into the core of the work, furthering its unsettling nature.”

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