Project 31: New Futures


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Project 31: New Futures is a unique and immersive online silent auction and a virtual auction presenting a unique collection of work by Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) artists and designers from the OCAD University community.

Join us for our virtual LIVE auction event on June 24 (7 p.m. to 8 p.m. EDT) that will be unlike any virtual event you’ve ever attended. We’ll be auctioning ten unique works of art.

It’s not too late to register (it’s free)!

You can also bid on 40 works of art in our silent auction, on now until June 30. All funds raised from both the silent and live auctions will support our BIPOC students as well as academic programming.

This amazing collection includes works from Kevin Bae; Jason Baerg; Anthia Barboutsis; Michael Belmore; Nathan Eugene Carson; Shea Chang; Kestin Cornwall; Vanessa Dion Fletcher; Yining Fu; Sugandha Gaur; Astrid Ho; Andre Kan; Natalie King; Kotoba Jewellery; Surendra Lawoti; JJ Lee; Julius Poncelet Manapul; Ashok Mathur and Soleil Launière; Michael Lee Poy; Shevon J. Lewis; Aaron Li-Hill; Charmaine Lurch; Sanaz Mazinani; Anna Jane McIntyre; Peter Morin and Ayumi Goto; Kathy Moscou; Nithikul Nimkulrat; Emma Nishimura; Eugene Paunil; Abigail Permell; Lilian Sim; Dionne Simpson ; Moraa Elizabeth Stump; Gary Taxali; Yaw Tony; Annie Tung; Natalie Majaba Waldburger; Alia Weston Jewellery; Amy Wong; X Height Media; and Shaheer Zazai.


Water is Blood by Michael Belmore. 43.3” x 20” x 8.3”. Copper and steel. Estimated value $9,000.

“Water is part of a circulatory or vascular system, a cycle that flows outwards, eventually finding its way back. Carrying with it nutrients or resources that allow for the creation of life. There is this island we call continent, there is an island of the Anishinaabe (Manitoulin), there is an island of the Lenape (Manhattan), from these points water flows, now and in the past, trade routes, bringing wealth, bleeding resources, offering life and taking life. This work is a remnant of Lost Bridal Veil (collection of the National Gallery of Canada), a work that I created while participating in the inaugural Nigig Visiting Artist Residency hosted by the Indigenous Visual Culture Program.”


The maypole, inherited by Shea Chang. 36” x 48”. Acrylic and absorbent ground on aluminum composite (with aluminum subframe). Estimated value $4,600

“In my personal visual vocabulary, I view the cylinder tube as a ‘hypershape’-as a thing that simultaneously indicates a demarcation of power or delineation of place, and as a thing that indicates a hole or something that has been omitted. The impetus behind this work stems from a longing to articulate experiences of inbetweeness and exclusion, to activate and extend these marginalized spaces while transcending exclusion or restraint.”

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