Peter Morin: Re-Reading Tahltan

Re-reading Tahltan
Peter Morin

udenesit’ās̲ (we listen)
Candis Callison, Łō’oks ushyeh, Edōnemā​​ (Carolyn Doody), Ts̲ēmā Ingaras, Cole Pauls, Alysha Hawkins

gha’asit’ās (we are working)
Naomi Bird, José Contreras, Tarin Dehod, Gabrielle Giroux, Isaac King, Ostoro Petahtegoose, Derek Sandbeck

In-person listening parties:
October 3, 11am, Prestige Hotel, Smithers, BC
October 5, 11am, Best Western, Terrance, BC

Billboard on view September and October 2023
AKA, Saskatoon, SK

Re-Reading Tahltan is an artwork that invites the listener to encounter some of the older forms of Tahltan Knowledge through a contemporary Tahltan voice.

Re-Reading Tahltan examines the sometimes violent nature of historic documentation of Indigenous knowledge(s). Through the sound of a spoken voice, through breath, and the rereading out loud of these historic documents, the artist Peter Morin honours Indigenous Intellectual territories.

In the spirit of remembering, Morin has lived deeply with the four books featured in this artwork. Morin first read The Tahltan Indians by GT Emmons when he was 18 years old. This book in particular has been a feature of previous artworks. The listeners of rereading Tahltan will also come to know that these books, and the authors of these books Stone, Emmons, Teit, Duncan, are all interconnected. These books have and continue to inform each other. Rereading Tahltan asks the listener to remember those original Tahltan Elders and Tahltan Knowledge leaders who informed the production of these books.

Through the production of this artwork, Tahltan artist Peter Morin is writing a love letter to his Ancestors and to the Tahltan territory.

Morin has been producing and sharing work for 25 years now. His work has been exhibited throughout the world. His projects highlight Indigenous knowledge systems, specifically focused on the Tahltan Nation where he is a blood member.

Morin acknowledges the work of Indigenous Language warriors like Łō’oks and Edōnemā who supported and helped to bring DideneK’eh into this project. The sentence in the Language on the billboard was offered to the project by Łō’oks.

Peter Morin is a grandson of Tahltan Ancestor Artists. Morin’s artistic offerings can be organized around four themes: articulating Land/Knowing, articulating Indigenous Grief/Loss, articulating Community Knowing, and understanding the Creative Agency/Power of the Indigenous body. All of the work is informed by dreams, Ancestors, Family members, sonic territories, Tahltan knowledge, and Performance Art as a Research Methodology. The work takes place in galleries, in community, in collaboration, and on the land. Peter is the son of Janelle Creyke (Crow Clan, Tahltan Nation) and Pierre Morin (French Canadian). Throughout his exhibition and making history, Morin has focused upon his matrilineal inheritances in homage to the matriarchal structuring of the Tahltan Nation, and prioritizes Cross-Ancestral collaborations. Morin currently holds a tenured appointment in the Faculty of Arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto, and is the Graduate Program Director of the Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design program at OCADU.

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